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January 22, 2007

The tropical fish post

I thought i’d break briefly from robots.

I keep tropical fish in my flat, two Guppies, six Albino Corys and two Apple Snails in two tanks (one 56L and one 12L). At the moment, all but one of the snails is in the big tank.

Today I finally found some cory eggs in my big tank (they’d have to be, guppies are live bearers) in the corners. I’ve been trying to get them to mate for a while, with small water changes and lowering the temperature of the tank slightly. It seems to have worked.

My only dilemma now is what to do with the eggs. If I leave the fish in the tank, the fry will probably be eaten. I may buy a plant for the corner and try to give them some cover, i’m not sure.

Anyhow, I thought i’d ‘share’ a few photos.

My main tank (you can see my male guppy in the picture, above the castle):
Tropical fish tank

Corys at play:
Corys at play!

A few corys and one of my apple snails:
Corys and snail

More corys at play under the heater and filter:
More corys at play

Fish eggs:
Albino cory eggs

That’s probably more than enough about fish for one day..

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  • yeah agree with jules need some cover may b some plants or rock work or those fry will quickly b eat… by carl on this entry
  • well by the time u get this they should of hatched lol …. id put some cover in ur tank looks abit … by Jules on this entry

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