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October 23, 2006

The library

Today involved raiding Warwick’s library for anything relating to mobile robots, autonomous robots and robot vision.

It’s wierd, as an undergraduate I used to despise trips to the library. This could possibly have been down to me visiting the library only when badly in need of some text books to help with a mental block or in the month before exams for revision.

When I went around today, I found myself gleefully looking at the row after row of interesting books just asking to be read.

I also need to get a telephone for my desk, unfortunately the best way of contacting the person responsible for that is via the telephone. Oh well.

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  • yeah agree with jules need some cover may b some plants or rock work or those fry will quickly b eat… by carl on this entry
  • well by the time u get this they should of hatched lol …. id put some cover in ur tank looks abit … by Jules on this entry

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