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January 04, 2007

Introducing the mowers

Seems like my plan to blog my PhD progress stumbled a bit. Here’s an attempt to restart it.

The mowers

We’ve now got two mowers in the project, both of which we hope to turn in to autonomous robots.

The first is the Ransomes Spider, a remote control mower:

Ransomes Spider
Ransomes Spider

The second is the newest addition, the Jacobsen E-Plex II. The E-Plex is a ride-on mower.

Jacobsoen E-Plex II
Jacobsoen E-Plex II

We’re hoping to mount a Sick PLS devices to them. These are proximity laser scanners, you hook up to them via RS232 (serial) and get two sets of 180 values every second, representing the distance for each degree of their view, along their 2D plane.

Sick PLS

Well, that’s all for now. My first task this week is to get familiarised with the E-Plex II and then figure out how to mount the Sick PLS scanners.

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