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November 30, 2011

The Future of Europe – Week 9

My last blog entry shall give a summary of the crucial insights I gained in this module and give an outlook as a consequence of my thoughts concerning our subject, the European Law. Closing the circle, regarding to my first two blog entries I may say that the history of European Law has a big impact on the possibilities of a further development of the European Law. Only when we understand, that so far there has never been such as a common European Law, we can value the gravity of this task. As I have shown in my second blog entry there are certainly other ways to tackle the lack of legal harmonisation, but a Common Code should remain our destination. In my opinion it is a question of faith, if we keep trying to realise an idealistic aim or if we acknowledge that in the near future this aim may not be realised. The "optional instrument" certainly shows the motivation to achieve at some point a total legal harmonisation in Europe. I would suggest everyone to think about a legal harmonisation in Europe not only in terms of a technical question of commerce, but rather also in terms of global politics. How do we want to arrange the future of Europe in a world of uprising super-powers as China or India. Compared to the future leading powers in the world we will be a dwarf between giants. At the beginning of this century we have been 11 per cent of the world's population. In the middle of this century we will compose 7 per cent and at the end of it we will be 5 per cent of. If we disintegrate more and more into single units we won't be even that. That is why I think we should be careful with all our EU criticism, especially as I notice it in the British media I don't think that this is the most prudent way to act towards a prosperous future. However a European Law and therefore a European Common Code can be a strong token of unity and power and at the same time enforce our economy in terms of internal as well as in terms of external trade. We may be in the future a dwarf but I think we should act like a clever one. In the global competition we can be David, let the others be Goliath...


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