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October 21, 2005

Working weekend

Today was a long day. I woke up in the morning with a bad cold and the plan to go to Coventry was therefore scrapped. Thanks in part due to the fact that it was raining. Was supposed to go to Foleshill and not sure if I had the energy to do that. Anyways, thats something separate.

I also need to now do a few things for tomorrow. One of these things is to organise my own life vis a vis the essay for the Global Economic Governance. I should probably give an outline of the same to Prof. Paliwala on Monday and also start working on an outline for the Approaches to Global Justice class so that an outline is ready BEFORE reading week. Then, I could actually work on the outline during reading week rather than have to wait for the comments till after that.

Also, need to organise a few things including food from foleshill (the food did last me two weeks… which is excellent) and also arrange for any other misc things that I need from there! In that time, it might also be a good idea to get my young persons railcard sorted out tomorrow if possible at Coventry Railway station. However, it needs to be signed by the department which is a pain. Anyways, I will need it especially if I plan to go into London by bicycle more and then ride around London on the bike. Then, the total cost to me at most times would only be the ten quid i have to pay for the train. No underground/ bus charges etc etc. Which can be quite stiff sometimes!

Anyways, leaving off now. But will meditate for a bit to get some more clarity in head. Right now, its a bit of a mess. But in a good sort of way!!

End of Week 4

If my room reflects the state of my head, it is extremely confused. Right onw, however, it is much better than I thot it would degenerate to. However, still do need to tidy up and generally be a little more careful vis a vis my own room. It would allow me to be clarify thought a little better.

This week has been hectic. Probably the most hectic so far. I think this is the first week that I took my week seriously. Which meant that I did try to do all the work that I had originally set out to do. It was not easy to negotiate all the articles and do all the readings. However, I did make a good start with the first course in Global Economic Governance. However, I need to go much faster through books and at this point of time, I am just plodding through them. Engage with the text as Upen said today. Write notes, fill up the sides. Comment on it. It is probably going to be much faster than the method that I use which turns out to be quite slow as I end up reading and re-reading it without much focus. Not a good idea at all!

The Global Economic Governance module is turning out to be an interesting module. Really fascinating for a variety of different reasons. The first of course for me is that I can actually understand some portion of the module itself. That in itself is nice! Apart from that, all are challenging courses. I attended my third course for this year on Thursday and it was thoroughly confusing! Wow! However, towards the end, I realised that it was because he did want to raise issues and highlight that law does not operate in a vaccuum that he was raising all of them. The worst part of it was that by the end of it, I was exhausted. And sill kind of recovering from the exhaustion. However, tomorrow, should be a better day.

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