February 10, 2010

Sample video from VisuQS project

Writing about web page http://www.youtube.com/visuqs

As part of my 3rd year Physics project, my partner and I are generating 3D videos that show the wavefunction of an electron in the Anderson Model of Localization (or AML).

A sample video from the project can be viewed here:


In the cube, the colour of the fog indicates the value of |Ψ|2 at that point. The "hotter"/"redder" a cube, the higher the probability of the electron is at existing at that point.

The above video can be understood to depict an insulating state in a crystal, due to the high disorder in the model. Since the electron's wavefunction is localized (confined to small discrete regions), then it is hard for electrons to be transported accross the lattice, hence electrical insulation.

August 29, 2009

First entry!

Hey! This is my first entry on my Warwick Blog. I intend to update this with snippets from my upcoming Physics project, or anything else I find interesting.

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