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November 28, 2007

Why things will get worse in the US under Hillary

This is the extended edit of an article I wrote for today’s Warwick Boar (unfortunately they didn’t seem to receive my emails with the new version!):

Why things will get worse in the US under Hillary

Bush – Clinton – Bush…..Clinton? If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency of the USA in 2008, the country will have watched the same tag-team tournament for 19 years. It feels like one of those maddening instances of sports coverage where for some reason the game refuses to end, gliding past the surrendering boundaries of the TV schedule, and while you bemoan the futility of it all the commentators get more and more worked up about how immensely exciting it is. I wish the crowd would just stand up and do that chant, “Blow the f-ing whistle, blow the f-ing whistle…”

By the most recent estimates Hillary Clinton holds a massive 33 point lead on her closest Democratic competitor, Barack Obama, and she has raised more money for her campaign (over $90 million) than all the Democratic and Republican candidates combined. Given that the Republican candidates are, with the exception of grassroots contender Ron Paul, such unapologetic, unrelenting warmongers at a time when a majority of the public is solidly against the Iraq war and the Republican administration, the surely nominated Hillary will go up against an unelectable Republican ticket.

Hillary’s recent rhetoric over the Iraq war (a “grotesque mistake” and a case of “mismanagement”) is, sadly, convincing enough for a large constituent of faithful Democrats, despite the fact that she voted for the war and backed it for 3 years. They don’t recognize the couched complicity of her position that US forces must persist in Iraq until there is a “unified government”. As one Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin described it, “she sneaks and slithers past you with her opinion on a war that kills every day.” Hillary has said that she if she wins the presidency she won’t take US troops out of Iraq even by 2013. Journalist Ted Kopel recently told NPR that she has also admitted that troops would be in Iraq at the end of her second term – that’s 2018.

Mrs. Clinton is also encouraging a more hostile policy towards Iran, suggesting military force and criticizing Bush for not being aggressive or hasty enough in branding the Iranian Revolutionary Guard an “international terrorist organization”. She really is stretching her hand up highest in a class full of war hawks. Accordingly, the “defence” industry has now publicly abandoned its allies in the Republican Party and is backing Hillary.

Of course, it is not so much Hillary’s policies that ensure the success of her campaign as her celebrity status. The lasting sympathetic picture of a wronged yet strong wife, the exciting prospect of a female president, the accolade of “experience”, all of this has distracted the public from the question of whether Hillary would actually offer the country a departure from the Bush/Cheney administration’s imperialism, domestic authoritarianism and unaccountability. I dread Hillary’s success in 2008 because she will, on the contrary, “stay the course”, with the added problem that Democrats who would usually stand up to the moronic menace of Bush will feel less inclined to stand up to the “liberal” autocracy of Clinton.

Still, some liberals know to jump off the bandwagon when Rupert Murdoch jumps on. Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of News Corp and an open cheerleader of the Bush administration, hosted a fundraiser dinner for Mrs. Clinton last year.

“But isn’t Murdoch a conservative and Clinton a liberal?!” we instinctively cry. No. In fact these labels have been spun past the orbit of recognition. Both Murdoch and Clinton favour big government and imperial war, same as the Bush administration. Bush the “conservative” borrowed over £1.05 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions from 2001-2005. That’s more than the accumulated borrowings of all previous Presidents.

Hillary will now inherit much newfangled machinery of state corporatism from the Bush years, for example the sprawling Department of Homeland Security, whose internal records show that 0.0015% of cases they deal with are actually terrorism related, and the “New Freedom Initiative”, a Big Pharma program of compulsory mental health tests for all children and eventually all adults. Similar developments will no doubt accelerate with Hillary in the White House because she has even fewer inhibitions about promoting Statism.

Corruption of power and the power of corruption will always saturate the political process but they are made less of a threat by a) tying the hands of the government’s executive branch and b) anticipating the accession of politicians with compromised or dubious track records. Here’s the current situation:

a) The current members of the executive have casually declared themselves unaccountable to Congress; Cheney even announced that his office is independent of the executive. This is additional to the dictatorial powers provided by congressionally approved legislation, for example the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which completely erases “habeas corpus” (the most important constitutional safeguard of personal liberty), and the Defense Authorization Act of 2007, which allows the President to declare martial law autonomously.

b) The Bushes and Clintons are utterly compromised politicians and businesspeople (extending beyond booze and blowjobs). They’re even personally affiliated. George Bush Snr and Bill Clinton are good friends and Barbara Bush calls Clinton a “surrogate son”. Perhaps the drug smuggling operations through Mena in the ‘80s provided some common ground. Or maybe Bush, as a former CIA director, was especially forthcoming to Clinton on account of his work for the CIA while at Oxford University (and conceivably beyond).

Within the inscrutable world of such connections, the most intriguing insight into the current political game in America is provided by Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s Georgetown mentor who helped get him the Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. Quigley wrote candidly in his encyclopedic “Tragedy and Hope: a History of the World in Our Time” that he was permitted in the early 1960s to examine the records of “an international Anglophile network” working through round table groups and cagey front organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations (whose select membership includes Fortune 100 CEOs like Rupert Murdoch, bankers, and politicos like Henry Kissinger, Irving Kristol, Dick Cheney and the Clintons) to “create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country” in a “feudalist fashion”.

Quigley wrote that in US politics “the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election, without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy”. This is exactly what we are seeing.

Enough with the phony pro-wrestling, the American public need to get in the ring and blow the whistle themselves.

June 26, 2007

Open Letter To Warwick's Engineering and Physics Departments

Dear ______

I am a Warwick University student writing to you and other members of the Physics Department as well as the Engineering Department with an invitation to consider some specific data relevant to your general fields of study. It would be great if you feel like responding to criticise or support my cursory summation, and do have a look at the references I supply at the end of this letter. My email is

The data relates to the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001, just 102 and 56 minutes after each plane impact. It also relates to an even more unusual, seldom remembered event – the implosion of World Trade Center “Building 7” at 5.20 pm, the WTC building least damaged by falling debris. Never before in history had a steel-framed building collapsed into its own footprint due to external damage or fire, but only through controlled demolition. The 2004 9/11 Commission Report didn’t mention the collapse of Building 7, not even in a footnote.

One of the 9/11 Commission Report’s many false claims is that each of the Twin Towers was supported almost entirely by perimeter columns and that the centre was simply a “hollow steel shaft”. There were, in fact, 47 columns at the centre, forming a strong core. Each core column had a rectangular cross section of approx. 36” x 14” at the base with steel 4” thick all around, tapering to ¼” thickness at the top.

The 2002 PBS documentary, “Why the Towers Fell” (which doesn’t mention Building 7), discusses how the floor truss connectors failed and caused a “progressive pancake collapse” of the floors. This cannot explain why the steel core was destroyed from top to bottom, leaving chunks small enough to load directly on trucks which were bound for China (steel at the crime scene was illegally melted down and shipped overseas before it could be forensically tested). Surely if the top floors snapped off the core and “pancaked” down on the others, causing them all to collapse, the steel core would still be standing?

The installation of a conventional angled cutter charge to a steel column, preparing for a demolition (above). Compare with the diagonal cuts of steel columns at Ground Zero (below).

The fact that each tower fell at near-freefall speed (approx. 10 seconds vs. 8 seconds in a vacuum) also defies the “pancake theory” and indeed Newton’s laws of motion. Videos of the collapses show that the falling floors accelerated into the path of most resistance. If a building is structurally compromised, it should partially collapse or topple, not symmetrically explode from top to bottom as the Twin Towers did. Additionally, the collapses show multiple traits of a controlled demolition, for example the sudden onset of collapse, numerous demolition “squibs” – visible explosive charges sending jets of concrete out at specific points far below the collapse wave, and a “pyroclastic flow” of smoke billowing from the explosive collapse.

The National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) published its final report on its 3 year government-funded study on the WTC collapses in September 2005. NIST backs away from the “pancake theory” due to it having been debunked, and also discounts the initial consensus among “experts” featured in the mainstream media that fire actually melted the steel. Steel melts at 1500°C, while jet fuel burning in air reaches a maximum temperature of approx. 1,000°C. However, NIST insists that even temperatures significantly lower than 1,000°C would “eventually overwhelm the already damaged building”.

NIST’s investigation is often cited as proving the official theory that the plane crashes and fires caused the collapses. Yet the report does not explain how the buildings totally collapsed to the ground. While it describes the plane crashes, fires, and loss of life at great length, it makes no attempt to characterise or explain the explosive energy and free-fall rapidity of the actual building collapses. It simply claims that “global collapse” was “inevitable” after the “initiation of collapse”. NIST’s theory stops at the moment that the “upper building section began to move downwards”, thus avoiding having to address the 10 second collapse only made physically possible by the demolition hypothesis.

Since the 6 second implosion of 47-storey “Building 7” is even more problematic, resembling a classic controlled demolition, NIST is still preparing an additional report. It is 2007 and we still have no serious explanation for the total collapse of a building that was not even hit by a plane. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s brief 2002 report admitted that their “best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence”. Meanwhile there is video footage of firemen on September 11th expressing foreknowledge of the collapse, for example on a CNN clip: “Keep your eye on that building, it will be coming down soon”… “The building is about to blow up. Move it back!”

There is now an exponential movement of engineers, architects, physicists, scholars, former intelligence officers and government officials, as well as a majority of victims’ families groups, who know that the official account of 9/11 is a fraud. There has been no accountability for the hundreds of questions which surround all aspects of the attacks, not just the collapses of 3 buildings.

The 9/11 Commission was set up on November 27, 2002 only after enormous pressure from victims’ families and activists such as William Rodriguez, the last man out of the World Trade Center. Even after the investigation was eventually set up, President Bush promised only $3 million and initially resisted when the commission asked for an additional $8 million. Its executive director was Philip Zelikow, a close associate of Condoleezza Rice, who served in the National Security Council for the George H.W. Bush administration.

I enclose a DVD recording of a presentation given by physics professor, Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after being put on paid leave, following his work on the WTC collapses. He is the co-editor of the Journal of 911 Studies, an online collection of peer-reviewed papers concerning the anomalies of September 11th and the subsequent official theories and cover-ups. The other co-editor, Kevin Ryan, formerly worked at Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the company that certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings. Ryan was fired for emailing the deputy chief of NIST’s metallurgy division, telling him that the tests UL was commissioned to carry out indicated that “the buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel.” NIST’s metallurgical tests at that time suggested that the steel was probably exposed to temperatures of about 250°C. Ryan was dispensed with for pointing out that the new NIST report seemed to ignore these findings, as it asserted that temperatures caused the steel to “soften and buckle”.

Please visit the following websites for more information: – Peer-reviewed academic papers dedicated to the study of 9/11. – Over 100 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. – Over 100 senior military/intelligence/govt. officials for 9/11 truth. – Over 40 expert pilots question the feasibility of the official 9/11 narrative.

I also enclose an invitation to hear William Rodriguez, decorated hero and last man out of the World Trade Center, speak here at Warwick University next Wednesday.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Morgan

Jack Morgan's blog

The primary purpose of this blog is to syndicate information that is largely excluded from, or spun by, the increasingly consolidated corporate media.

I believe the “War on Terror” is a synthetic construct. It is part of a long term agenda of the political/corporate elites to aggressively consolidate global control. “War on Drugs” deja-vu.

I support a new criminal investigation into the events of 9/11. The previous investigation avoided hundreds of known pieces of evidence contradicting the government’s account – for example, the fact that the head of Pakistani intelligence funded the alleged lead hijacker, and the fact that World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed at 5.20 pm in the exact manner of a controlled demolition.

Disclaimer: I often paste articles from other websites but this does not imply that I am affiliated with them or that I agree with the totality of their content.

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