January 12, 2008

Telegraph promotes new book condemning "conspiracy theories


An article printed today in The Telegraph written by Damian Thompson, who has a book coming out on conspiracy theories, is probably well intentioned but tremendously unhelpful. It dumbs down the message of 9/11 Truth into "George Bush planned the September 11th attacks" and implicitly connects the quite sensibile and evidenced idea that governments were involved in this terrorist atrocity to the philosophies of creationism and holocaust denial.

A better article which debunks common misconceptions and generalisations about "conspiracy theories":


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  1. Christopher Rossdale

    Given that we already have firm uncontroversial evidence that a small group of self-interested men and women planned several illegal wars which have left over a million people dead, with no recourse to facts or human necessity, why do we need so spend so much time discussing whether or not there was a conspiracy behind 9/11. I don’t see that much credibility in the evidence put forward to prove the conspiracy, but even if it were true, it would only add to the death toll of the neo-con regime by a tiny percentage, at the cost of thousands of activist man-hours diverted from protesting against likely future injustices in Palestine, Iran and beyond, which we can still do something about. Why do we need to spend time on this?

    13 Jan 2008, 20:59

  2. I have been asked this question a number of times, especially from fellow Stop the War types. 9/11 is important for a number of reasons. I will outline a few of them:

    - false-flag terrorism is an age-old technique that needs to be exposed and understood at a mainstream level. The fallibility of the official account of 9/11 is so blatant that it provides an opportunity to inspire the upheaval or scaling down of the intelligence services and provoke investigations into various corporate-governmental networks.

    - 9/11 is the foundational event of the “War on Terror”. The “al qaeda is under your bed” conspiracism, the phony liquid bomb and riacin plot hypes, and the new “everyone is a suspect” mentality distorts and masks some of the greatest causes of terrorism, i.e. organised (intellegence, corporate,governmental) funders and provocateurs and a deliberately antagonistic foreign policy (google P2OG). The haystack is becoming ever larger around the needle.

    - if an earnest commitment to the notion of truth is to be honoured in this increasingly Orwellian global order, we should expose blatant lies, whether they pertain to mass murder or not. On a more immediate level, 9/11 remains a huge unsolved crime and the perpetrators remain unhindered. Why has Mahmoud Ahmed of the Pakistani ISI, who ordered the wiring of $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, faced no criminal charges?

    - whether or not you think the number of lives lost on 9/11 is negligible compared to the number lost in consequent wars, I believe the victims’ families deserve more closure than has been offered by the incredibly cagey storytellers of the US establishment.

    I respect your opinion and sympathise with it. I remember being completely unconvinced by the first bits of conjecture and media claiming a “government conspiracy”, for example the film Loose Change. But as the years go by, more and more evidence stacks up against the official version of events and the tide is starting to turn in academic and political spheres. Just two days ago a Japanese MP and former Chief Cabinet Secretary gave a 20 minute presentation in the Japanese parliament pertaining to this issue.

    My interest in 9/11 isn’t a hobby. I think it should be a foundational issue for an effective peace movement.

    14 Jan 2008, 01:04

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