May 04, 2008

Deseret News: 9/11 theorist not curtailing his research

Writing about web page,5143,695275973,00.html

A positive mainstream article (!) on Steven Jones' research into the 3 building collapses on 9/11 indicating the use of explosives, after he authored a paper published April 18 in a civil engineering journal.,5143,695275973,00.html

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  1. Just look at the primary evidence yourself, rather than looking at other people’s!

    06 May 2008, 12:33

  2. Have done. Extensively.

    Have you?

    06 May 2008, 17:06

  3. Would you agree that the moon landings were faked?

    07 May 2008, 10:32

  4. No. Why bring that up? And you didn’t answer my question.

    Blanket treatment of “conspiracy theories” is intellectually lazy. I suggest you “look at the primary evidence yourself, rather than looking at other people’s”.

    Please don’t patronise me. I’m not a conspiracy hobbyist, this is a very serious issue. I have sent letters to our entire Engineering and Physics department faculties encouraging them to take a look:

    I have received only one reply but it was positive. I will soon be arranging to meet with those in the departments who are most qualified to discuss the issue.

    I guess the fact that there are 358 architectural and engineering professionals in America petitioning Congress to investigate the collapses of the 3 buildings on 9/11 means nothing…

    Watch the numbers grow and either grow some balls and look at the primary evidence, or keep muttering about the moon landings.

    07 May 2008, 13:35

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