October 28, 2004

The Others, Coventry Colliseum, October 24

Writing about web page http://www.letskilltheothers.com

For anyone doubting the supremacy of Dominic Masters (Others' frontman), bow down immediately

They are superb
stage divin' et al

We (my RaW cohorts Vlad Skofenko and Tesco) got to interview him - and Agent Blue as well (support act, big stars in the future mark me words) – and he was lovely. Totally focussed on us for 'bout an hour, revealing some quite private stuff.
He let us stay in his dressing-room and hang aound before and after the show, surrounding by rock'n'roll backstage cliches and a huge amount of indie fashionistas.
Apart from frontin' this up'n'comin band this bloke is extremely friendly, and a fucking great showman too.

We missed the first band The Homewreckers Club on account of wanting to stay in the dressing-room and pretend we were cool, but also recovering from our mammoth fag and chocolate hunt around Coventry with Agent Blue (why the fuck is nowhere open in this so-called 'City' past nine o'clock?)

However I hot footed down into the cosy ickle arena for Agent Blue cos they were cool ole blokes and wanted to know how they scrubbed up on stage.
Turns out that the demure lanky lad that we'd chatted to about music and Subway sandwiches turned into a crazy mix between Richard Ashcroft and Liam Gallagher by just scruffing up his hair. He spent the majority of his stage time balancing precariously on the barriers, sliding and twisting aggressively, but with a twinkle in his eye for the hesitant crowd. He was backed by a bunch of young fellas who meant business. Dolled up in army shirts and angular haircuts they churned out a remarkably big and assured sound (one of the best i have heard from a support band), sweeping and ripping away, topped off with the frontman's repetitive, authorative wails.
Their set had come and gone in a "fuck me they're good", the band departing before the crowd could muster enough breath to summon them back on.
Go see Agent Blue...before they are too big and you can only make out their spikey hair and classic rock'n'roll stage moves

Where Agent Blue look like they have studied the rock-rule-book and are ready to break through and join their heroes, The Others do exactly what they say on the tin. They are 'them other ones'. They don't look like they are in a band, lest of all a band together. See 'em in the street and you will give them a second look, but only 'cos the singer looks like he hasn't slept for weeks, and the bass player seems to have come straight from the 'Grand Robert Smith Lookalike Tournament'

It seems a Swedish porn-star (drums), a Prop forward (guitar), a Goth freak (bass) and a Workin-class hero (vocals) have all been locked in a room together with nothing but class-A drugs and their instruments, and told to create the most basic yet inspirational music this side of Pete Doherty's acoustic guitar.
Oppurtunists amongst you will jump on the NME bandwagon and role towards credibility on the back of The Others' street sound, but then again, that's great. That's what they want.

The Others' plan is this…Party with "the kids", make 'em your fans, give 'em your mobile number, release seemingly mindlessly obvious, sloganeering records and watch the buzz grow.
Underneath however the music reveals itself to be dark and inventive. It is both anthemic and accessible, while remaining to unique to be truely mainstream.
It is all a wirey mess of Joy Division bassline and shouty vocals. It is grunge and punk and indie and rock and electronic and brilliant.

I have to admit as one who'd consider himself vaguely 'priviliged' i felt a little pretentious singing at the top of my lungs to "This is for the Poor, and not you rich kids", especially when you know that Dominic Masters was born into council houses and drug dealing parents.
However, this problem is unavoidable. The Frenzy that the band whipped up in the front of the venue was akin to any i have seen (Franz, Libertines, White Stripes), with afficionados helping one another over the barriers and into the very welcoming arms of DomOthers.
The Others are often accussed of being one-dimensional and lowest denominator stuff. It is satisfying, then, that almost every song sounds fresh and different, with some really great tunes in the set ('How I Nearly Lost You', 'Stan Bowles', 'Lackey')…all with important messages and interesting lyrics.
Everyone left the night with a warm glow and tired legs, glowing from the warmth and passion of Dominic Masters.
With an album out in January you should hop on the bandwagon now, 'cos they are definitely worth it.

853 853!

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