February 27, 2005


Today we made a lot of progress in our installation piece.
Where before i was confident people would produce excellent work, but was unsure of the structure or the interest of the piece, now i am sure that we have an overall vision and a goal that were are aiming for.

Firstly it should be said that me and Ian (after lengthy, yet exciting, hours over his computer) have finished our sound clips.
Following our introduction clip that features orchestral music and a synopsis of the play in laymans' terms we then created a ten minute clip that brought the OPPOSITION between men and women in the play into the realms of debate. For this we used the sound clips that me sarah and zoe had acquired on the 'streets' by questioning people who had no real sense of the play what they thought of the themes.
We layered on top famous and familiar clips that would immediately make the audience understand this theme of man vs woman and the rights of both. These included:

David Blankenorn on Civil Liberty
Germaine Greer,Fay Weldon and Margaret Thatcher on feminism
Sound bytes from a book entitled Young Women, Feminism & The Future
Clips from The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform on the argument over abortion
The Futureheads' Stupid And Shallow, bringing in the question of gender superiority

When we all came together for a group discussion The Rothelite and myself expressed our concern that the interest would fizzle out slowly during the piece.
it was also decided that our overall concept should be made far more clear, removing the ambiguity of the piece, and that we should really exploit the battle of the sexes.

After a PLETHORA of ideas we came up with this stage plan:(thanks to ricardo for some awesome labelling)

The things we came up with include:

The audience coming into the space, and penned in by the doorway somehow. It is pitch black
'Ed's Intro' (as it shall be known) comes on, introducing the ideas of the play. As it goes on (two minutes) parts of the installation light up, coming to life (art, booths, lights)
When all the lights are up and the sound is over, the audience - either by video, or more likely sound - is told how to proceed. Lads right, lasses left!
The pathway is mainly divided by the double sided grand collage which incorporates elements of news articles, classical art etc. On one side there is a female bias; male bias on t'other.
Flanking the collage are the Chorus who introduce the ideas of the play using song and dance and body.....they are masked, as are the other performers who control sound, light, film etc
At the end of each pathway are screens with light projections and silhouettes, creating mood etc and showing interesting images.
As the audience look at the chorus, art work, lights etc a performer on each side of the barrier act. They are Jason and Medea and battle through the canvas verbally bringing up sex issues etc. This is reinforcing the battle nature of the piece.
Also included in the pathway on each side is a small dark booth containing a directional speaker. I like the idea of the audience members going in with curiosity and actually engaging with what is going on. Playing in them will be me and Ian's long clip that is all about contemporary sex issues. In the booth there could also be physical or visual elements..but not sure!

When the audience have fully engaged with all the pathway goings on the two light screens with lift up….and the film will come on.
This will be a film showing man versus women and interchanging poses etc, questioning the nature of both the sexes. There will also be dialogue – inaudible at first – from the text…culminating in the final dramatic scene between jason and medea.
The film will segue into images of kids playing nicely and then go into red spots. As the film progresses (four minutes?) Jason and Medea will converge towards the screen, watching with curiousity.
As the children come up they will get closer, ending up embracing and kissing
The Chorus will then take down the sheet that the film has been shown on slowly and, as Jason and Medea embrace, wrap it round them, until the couple end up together on the floor (in bed)
This puts the emphasis on the blame and guilt of these two, and the film's images will be projected now onto Jason and Medea.

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  1. I recant: the booth is a Good Idea.

    For further Good Ideas, visit the Pig Adoption Centre: link.

    01 Mar 2005, 21:53

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