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October 14, 2004

SST1 Historiography

Writing about web page


Don't know your Cassandra's from your Clytemnestra's?

The website i found that i thought is a useful research tool is which offers an overview (as well as funky pictures!) of all of your favourite Gods and Goddesses

The site is really very basic and in laymen's terms but is helpful if you are looking for an overview of all the myths that are so fundemental to our course.

Oh and also i did the library search..........

The Cyclops by Euripides
Available on shelf PA 3973.C9

SST1 Historiography

This website is a self-proclaimed Virtual Reality Tour of all "historic theatres"...which sounds quite impressive i guess

It has listed 23 "historic theatres" from Greece….Delphi….Isthmia….Dionysus
"Great!" i hear you cry from your office chairs
hmmmmmmmmm, well thats what i thought. But then i realised that the 'tour' is not available on any one of these 23 theatres. You can't even get a photo of any one….
Maybe the tour's were all fully booked or something...Maybe there's a height restriction

So, venturing on i clicked on one of the only dozen or so theatres of the hundreds listed across the world that was actually available.
Turkish Theatre here we come!
In reality the tours consist of some brief facts about the theatre in question and then three thumbnail prints of the theatre from different angles.
By clicking on the 'virtual reality' part we can chose to see a diagram of the stage from different views which, though admittedly helpful, is a little disappoiting after the gusto of the homepage

My suggestion is to seek out other similar pages whose owners have the dedication and material to give you a thorough insight into important Greek theatres and their layouts
Or, alternatively, close your eyes and imagine Hugh Denard talking you through the theatres...undoubtedly your imagination is more helpful than this website, and his sultry voice will lull you into a sleepy, blissful trance-like state..........

SST1 Historiography

Writing about web page

This website has had
437,193 visitors since 21 March, 2002
so it must be good!

The site is a photo library for cities all over the world
As a research facility it is useful as there are many many photos that you can access, and an effective search engine (which doesn't really work that great!) that enables you to pick any site without trawling through the lists of cities etc.

As historians looking at Greece this site is good because there are several photos of many important Athens temples and landmarks, all of which are pretty good photographs. There are not so many photos of theatres, but the city's background is covered very well.
However, the photos for other cities are far more extensive so it could become an important site for studies in later parts of our course.
This site is very simple but a good reference point

SST1 Historiography

Writing about web page

"The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens"

This website offers a limited albeit interesting insight into the archtecture of Athens (and a tantalising glimpse of Attica too)

The archetecture is obviously breathtaking and inspiring, and helps to bring to life (in a decaying sort of way) the history of this great city. I found the extensive photography quite imaginative also. There are certainly alot of photos on this site if you hunt them out.

Apart from browsing through the image catalogue the monuments are also explained through short essays about the history and state of the monuments, which i thought was a good, brief introduction to each landmark.
For those who wish to carry out more thorough research (which i imagine will be necessary later in the course) there is also an option to view Essays on these monuments (although in reality there are only three, accompanied by the perpetually frustrating More To Come label)
The essays are not enormously long but are effective resource material as they are nicely layed out in bullet points and charts.They cover subjects like the Topography and the History of Greece, as well as background info on the tribal nature of Ancient Greece, which all seems very very relevant to our course.

Each monument also has an attached list of websites and books that relate to it. This is a very useful way of finding information quickly and effectively

SST1 Historiography

Writing about web page

This website is an interesting site for historians as it allows us to view maps of Greece as it may have looked at the time we are studying it. There are many other similar sites on the internet that offer the same or similar options and it can be a useful tool to gain understanding of the territories and wars that form the backdrop to our course.
However the site was fairly tricky to negotiate and some of the images were confusingly to say the least (poorly labelled site on the whole)

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