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November 29, 2004

Green high as a crow's nest after polished pirate performance

Edward Green had the following words of note regarding his team's demolition of Original Pirate Material.
"Avast me harties, them land lubbing pirates be beaten sound. Me beauties played like drunken sailors and made them scallions walk the plank. There be much grog tonight, aaaaaaar. Shiver me timbers captain ahab. Them bilge rats be bung dahn the bung hole smartly, aaaaaarrr. C'mere me beauties, we be playing the hornpipe tonight. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!

November 23, 2004

Manager takes positives from negative day

In a post match interview with club journalist and friend of the club AJ Vickerstaff, Jack Flash manager had the following words to say of his team's first defeat in….a while.
"I think we can take positives from this game, we were certainly not outplayed on the day and I really couldn't believe we conceded 8 goals. I think we have three problems at the moment, profligacy in front of goal, weak marking at times and a goalkeeper. On the goalkeeping front, i'm looking to bring in a new man who'll actually be able to turn out for us, in the mean time, we have Peter Williams confirmed for friday's game. If we get a good result against OPM on friday I think the strikers confidence will soar, we know Piers and Mark have the ability at this level so i'm not worried. As for marking, I think it's a question of experience at this level and it'll come in time. We're still in 5th place and I'm confident we can come back and beat SFNMs

November 10, 2004

Manager pleased with pirate performance

In a post match interview with tabloid journalist A.J Vickerstaff, Jack Flash player-manager Edward Green had the following words of note regarding yesterday's performance.
"At the end of the day we're delighted to have come away with the result. To be honest, goals change games and this was a game of two halves. It was end-to-end stuff, but I'm really pleased how the lads reacted to the pressure. I had a sneaking feeling throughout the game that it was there to be won. Early doors, we dominated them and could really have run away with the game. We had a fresh pair of legs up our sleeve and I think in the end that made the difference.

November 04, 2004

Harvey –

Delighted chairwoman of the Jack Flash supporters club Catherine Harvey had the aforementioned words to say regarding her first witnessing of the mighty JF in action. She also commented that Mark Johnston's ending of his goal drought was possibly a pivotal moment in the "Flash" season. She added "I'm sure all his folks back home in Blackpool will be ecstatic, we've waited too long for this moment". She was even more laudatory when it came to Edd Smith's first ever strike for the Flash, "it's a miracle, that's all I can say, I thank the man above for this day". However, she was less than impressed by the goalkeeper-cum-sweeper-cum-midfield dynamo-cum-target man's gloved antics further up the pitch. "To be honest, it was disgraceful, Ed [Smith] ought to stick those goves where the sun don't shine and cease with his incessant tomfoolery". "I thought all the lads did well on tuesday, it was a good team effort, keep it up!".

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