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October 15, 2004

Good Evaluations …...... Not As Good As Mine

Vaughan Jacob – Quite a good anlysis of internet resources for a theatre historian ; Vaughan has given an in-depth critique with a good balnce of information. For example given time to advanatges and disadvantages of different sites , included pictures and maps, and discussed the techinical difficulties of some sites .

October 11, 2004

Little Book In The Library

Euripides The Cyclops (Available on shelf) PA 3973.C9

October 09, 2004

Fantastic NEW Site for the Greek Theatre Historian….... – Yes this is it, the site to beat them.

I stubled across this metropolis of a Theatre Hsitorians dream almost by chance, I imply went to ''Yahoo'' and typed in Ancient Greek Theatre and went to the number 1 hit.

The site I found is not necessarily accurate in its entirity but alot of the information seemed reliable ;

The reason I would say that htis site deserves a place in Oscar Wildes Den Of Debauchery is becuase it offers one alot more information in more detail ; take for example its entire page on the The dionyssiac cult !

October 08, 2004

Society, Syage and Text Questions


I would consider a valubale site for a theatre historian is one which offers enough information so as to furthur and expand their knowledge, progress and understanding in a particular area . Moreover the site must be easy to navigate and be well edited/presented so as to include the Theatre Historian as opposed to alienating him/her(some sites can come across as pretentious and arogant ; you would not learn form a pretentious and arogant teacher and the same can be said for any other resource).

I have not found one of the sites to stand out as particulary useful alone but a number of the sites studied as a collective to offer a varied depth of stimulating material.

The site that contained maps was very unique in the sense that it put Greek History into a context and perspective as well as offering a spatial-time awareness for the Theatre Historian to interact with. Actually knowing where Greece and Athens are allow us to look at Theatre and History in relation to present location and society. For example we can see the contrast between theatre and history in Greece during the antiquity and today. is a also a good site for the Theatre Historian for it is a great library of viusl aides which are just as importnat as text!

Finally the ''Skenotheke:Images of the Ancient Stage'' offers the Theatre Historian a very concise and brief intorduction to Greek Theatre, it almost acts like a key if you will to the visual aides(maps and pictures) and without it we would be looking as things without a motivation witch without a motivation is pointless!

Society, Stage and Text Questions


Theatre historianss require reliable, accurate and authoritative resourceses to be able to confidently analyse the relationship between society stagee and text. This includes a balanced meduim of visual and textual resources which some (but not all) of these sites contain.

1. Pretty Pictures of very old things …..........(The Parthanon which is a glorious temple situated above the Theatre Dyonisos)

2. Alot of Boring Text….......... ''The Greek Theatre(blah blah blah)''

3. Some interestingly diverse maps…..........

3. Maybe also some stimulating film and animation (none of the sites listed gave much of this but for a Theatre Historain the moving image can add a new dimension to the static picture motivating new interaction and thought- which is bloody useful) – This site is vvery goof for visual aides! – Another site that has a wide collection of pictures which bear a certain about of realtion to Greek Theatre and thus would be a useful resource for a Theatre Historain.

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