October 22, 2004

Good, But not finished

Writing about No Purple, but lots of Greeks…..TOGA!!! from ..Speed of Brain to Mouth : Minimal..

This evaluation and analysis is good and well-rounded in the points that it addresses ; Richard and Kate (do we see a future couple?) have approached the qurstions on Ancient Greek Theatre depiction with rigour and Richard especially gave a good narrative on how the Phalyx stage can be suitable for both Comedy and Tragedy. Despite Richards good points I would still disagree that the phaylyx is an apporpriate performing space for Tragedy ; it is not of a size or significance to accomadate a chorus. Moreover tragedy is a genre that uses magnificent gestures, large masks and explicit and overt acting techniques ; Just as in some art you loose its message when to close-up the same can be said to be true with performing tragedy!

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  1. I agree that the Phylaxes lacks the physical scale and impact of the Dionysos, and is not ideal for Tragedy. I'd disagree that is out rightly inapropriate. Whilst viewing the Theatron model of the Phylaxes I agree that in it's state there it would not be an effective setting for a tragedy, too brightly painted, the windows etc. I was thinking along the lines of adapting it slightly whilst keeping the same physical proportions. If the Greeks didn't adapt the stage slightly for the plays they did, they were simply not taking proper advantage of the space. A curtain/piece of tattered fabric can change the whole mood of the stage. One idea I had was that if the stage was decorated in a withered and/or partially destroyed way. eg. broken pottery tattered banners etc. It may indicate to the audience that once everything was happy, but in the tradition of tragedy it all got screwed up. The atmosphere would then be one of lost contentment, a shadowy and dismal display of a setting that has gone down the crapper.

    I do agree with your interesting point about gesture though, tragedy considering this element to be a primary concern would definitely be more suited to a larger stage. ie. The Dionysos of course.

    22 Oct 2004, 11:36

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