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November 30, 2004


I love bummin', discuss.

November 11, 2004

the half asleep phase, when is it better?

This will be my longest entry so far, mainly because it is about a key interest of mine.

I always find that the bit just before you go to sleep, as your drifting off is the best part of the sleeping experience. Often though the waking up in the morning, as long as you don't have to get up, is the more enjoyable.
Maybe I enjoy the actual waking up a little bit more but the joy is destroyed by actually having to get out of bed. Especially as it is now getting a bit colder.
Its a debate that rages in my mind every night and morning, sometimes.

Some interesting facts about sleep:

*If possible, the person will lie down to go to sleep.

*The person's eyes are closed.

*The person doesn't hear anything unless it is a loud noise.

*The person breathes in a slow, rhythmic pattern.

*The person's muscles are completely relaxed. If sitting up, the person may fall out of his or her chair as sleep deepens.

*During sleep, the person occasionally rolls over or rearranges his or her body. This happens approximately once or twice an hour. This may be the body's way of making sure that no part of the body or skin has its circulation cut off for too long a period of time.

*Reptiles, birds and mammals all sleep. That is, they become unconscious to their surroundings for periods of time.

*Some fish and amphibians reduce their awareness but do not ever become unconscious like the higher vertebrates do.

*Insects do not appear to sleep, although they may become inactive in daylight or darkness.

*By studying brainwaves, it is known that reptiles do not dream. Birds dream a little. Mammals all dream during sleep.

*Different animals sleep in different ways. Some animals, like humans, prefer to sleep in one long session. Other animals (dogs, for example) like to sleep in many short bursts. Some sleep at night, while others sleep during the day.

*Cows can sleep while standing up, but they only dream if they lie down.

*Whales and dolphins are "conscious breathers," and they need to keep breathing while they sleep, so only one half of the brain sleeps at a time. sleep.htm:url

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