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January 09, 2005

DEATH to the crazy frog advert.

I spend many an agonising minute over the holidays trying to escape this damn advert, why why why do they do it? do they think that if they annoy you enough with it you'll just buy it?
I don't know, annoyed the hell out of me. And it had little genitals, you see those? link

Well here's some interesting facts about that ringtone and its origins.

A friend of someone's once worked as the BAR F1 Teams Radio Engineer and it was a friend of his who wrote it as a micky take for the Renault F1's team new engine design that they had. Trouble is the engine had a few problems with it and would on the "odd" occasion blow up! That sound effect was played over the team's loud speakers when ever a Renault came into the pits.

So there you go this "new" ringtone has infact been around for about 4 years!

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