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March 17, 2005

ITS BACK! the crazy frog is worse than ever

Oh dear, they brought it back to haunt my TV watching. Going to have to have another quick rant about it.
1. They finally realized it had little genitals so now it has a censored bar across it, all that does is point out that it has genitals.
2. They've made a remix, nuff said.
3. Its sprouting other animals, nearly as annoying like sweety the chick and the farting pig, not to mention the dancing hippo and rhino.
4. I heard someone with the crazy frog ringtone, someone funding this stupid craze which is driving everyone, or maybe just me, mad. Why inflict it on us I wanted to ask? but he wasn't a friendly looking person, large and muscly etc. etc.
5. I hate ringtone adverts.

Noone will read this anyway, but its nice just to let some of my anger overspill onto the net.

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