October 08, 2004

Was it the real Electric 6?

They looked a bit different from what I've seen of them, where was his cool mustache? They did absolutely rock though, played their best songs, I was at the front the whole time soaking it up. Bjorn again were pretty good too I must admit.

October 06, 2004

Vodka jelly, why wait?

Vodka jelly ingredients:
3/4 large bottle of vodka,
2 packets of jelly, your choice of flavour,
1 pint of boiling water,
a few ice cubes.

Wack in the vodka and jam it in the fridge.

Others I'm thinking about:
Lemon Lime tequila jelly
Malibu and pineapple jelly
Baileys/Dooley's angel delight.

There was no hangover! go for it.

October 04, 2004

What now?

i worked out how to make a gallery, but i haven't actually looked at anyone else's so I still don't know what these are for. Maybe I'm already doing the right thing?

October 02, 2004

My first entry

What am i supposed to put on this thing? Maybe i ought to have a look at other people's first.
Anyway, this is me;

Once I know what I'm doing maybe i can add something more interesting.

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