May 31, 2012

Team Journal WEEK 4

Done: Reset of the blog, Creation of the Website, Research on our implementation project: I LOV COV

Our project Our idea : the Cost Effective Creative City

- Tutorial with Tomi in the morning: research and research questions presented

- Tutorial with S&S in the afternoon

o We need to replace and scale Coventry in a meaningful context for the viewer

o We have to AVOID THE NOISE. Meaning that we sometimes one good idea or one strong small thing in a project can be a sufficent driver. We shall not let our spurs of creativity get into the way of our vision and good strategy. Focus of the money and creativity on one idea makes it stronger

o We shall understand the CITY AS A BRAND. Using the brand framework might help us identifying what are the needs, the problems as well as solutions

o We do not need to think that a creative city must be permanently creative


- Creation of thematic entries on the blog: with the help of the research team to elaborate and show our findings

- Continuation of the research about Coventry: Nina Justyna Chrisa

- Cherry picking of good initiatives and ideas

- We should already start to edit and storyboard what we can in our documentary

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