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May 30, 2012

Team Journal WEEK 3

What the Brief said
Week 3: Tuesday 8 th May – 3 hour seminar: Initial documentary ideas and feedback:

• Each team will present three initial ideas/approaches in terms of subject matter

• Feedback and critique by other teams

What we did


or prezi link here

What we missed

  • Everybody has a very different understanding of this project: bottom line It is a RESEARCH documentary
  • We were too visual

Action Plan (See task list)

- We need to make further research

- We need to master the art of the Blog (Blog guidelines soon to come)

Team Journal WEEK 2

Defining our company and assigning team roles

The team gathered for 3 hours in order to define our identity and our positioning. We haven’t got the time to do the positioning. Were advised by Sara and Sandy (S&S) to inquire this. Were also commented on our not addressing stakeholders.

The presentation we made to S&S

Slide 1 Presentation Logo NameSlide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5


Merging of pre and post production, Finance, Action plan, every week task list: CHRISA + AURELIE

Web editors, directors, video editing, looks, visuals web editor NINA, Director ALINA & video editing JUSTYNA

PRERITA Part 1 Alina Aurelie Part 2 Everybody Part 3 Chrisa+ Prerita Creative solutions

Creative Cities: The courage to create

"When I look at my city, Thessaloniki, I see a city suffering from the financial crisis, as most of Greek cities. I witness the consequences on people and families. But I also see how our initiatives and resilience is fighting the gloom. No one would think that in such conditions I could observe my city becoming even more creative and culturally interesting as it previously was.

It made me realize that creativity didn’t depend on how much money or how many creative organizations exist; but rather on the implication and involvement of people and inhabitants. When they seized that moment as an opportunity to change their world, at that very moment, my city truly became creative."
Chrisa, A thessaloniki resident in love with her city

This is a guerilla creative experiment ”Thessaloniki in another way’ which empowers the citizens into doing something for their city because of the failure of the government.

‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ shouts the man at the beginning of the video
And all it took was passion, will, love for what their city represents for them.

Sao Paolo, Brazil is another example of people engagement in the face of the government incapability to invest many resources. It has pushed its resident into taking action about the look and the dirt of the city.

This campaign aimed at ‘cleaning’ the city, but it was not only about physical dirt and rubbish, it also positively engaged people into unveiling the true creative colors of their city! And in order to allow for the public space to become again a space for people to project themselves they decided on the ban of advertising!

In today’s synthetically colored cities, people assume that vibrancy derives from neon lights and advertising campaigns. The ban in São Paulo reminds the world that it’s a city’s inhabitants and cultural heritage that bring the true flavor’

We believe that to make a city creative you have to focus on its soul: its citizens. Creativity entails freedom of expression, but also the ‘courage’ to do so. In order to bring out the creativity of people you need to shape the appropriate framework. Engaging inhabitants in showing their inner creativity is what we believe is a true creative city project.

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We are a media production company composed of independent thinkers.

We adopt an alternative perspective and we provide you with glocal and customized solutions.

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