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June 26, 2012

Team Journal WEEK 9

We didn't sleep. We didn't eat. We were exited and full of ideas. Passion was all around us.We came to prayers early in the mornings.... But we eventually made it!

Week 9 was full of stress, expectations, epiphanies, restructurings, debates, more debates, interviews, lively discussions, crazy dancing breaks, motivational songs (which Nina can sing for you !), team spirit, nights and early mornings dedicating our lives to making this dream come true!


When you don't have white boards, you get creative!

All the girls feel that our group dynamic was exceptionally productive, meaning that we managed not only to develop a sameness and a kindness between individuals, but rather had passionate debates all bargaining together for the best!

jacana Team

One of the rare pictures where nobody is using a chair as a car :)


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