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June 18, 2012

Team Journal WEEK 8


  • Andrew Harris (arranged for June 20th)
  • Transport Museum
  • Thessaloniki Guerilla Initiative
  • Moscow City Architect
  • People at the Herbert Gallery
  • Students and Professor at the Media department, Coventry University

Footage taken:

  • Coventry city centre: the 'Mysteries week' festival
  • Thessaloniki
  • Herbert
  • Transport Museum

After having allocated the storylines writing part by part, we completed the task and our script seems almost ready

At the media suite:

  • First video draft edited
  • Voice-over halfway through
  • Brainstorming concerning our strategic suggestions

1 hour tutorial:

  • Feedback on our progress
  • We expressed our disappointment and frustration about the fact that Authorities seem not to bother (they are absolutely unreachable)
  • We received a great deal of encouragement and useful tips on how to approach and get to the right people we want to interview

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