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June 15, 2012

Team Journal WEEK 7

Tasks completed:

  • Documentary structure parts and timing
  • Interviews arranged, along with interview questions (Thessaloniki & Moscow creative people, Andrew Harris)
  • All necessary documents regarding interviews gathered
  • Shootings in Coventry city centre: Interviewing citizens on the street

Realisation: After constant and persistent attempts to reach the officials (Coventry City Council regeneration unit)one of the things that makes the city lacking creativity is that people who could be leading such initiatives, are not even bothered.

3-hour seminar:

  • Making a documentary – reflections on pulling it all together
  • Hints and tips on how to make your film more engaging and intriguing
  • Realisation: If we want to make people believe in our attempt, we have to believe it ourselves fully, put all our passion into it


  • Consulting library resources on creative documentary making
  • Gathered further contacts on creative intitiatives in Coventry such as 'the Mysteries week' and visits to creative places in Coventry for interviews

Team Journal WEEK 6

Meeting at the Media Suite

  • First trials of the editing software available
  • Documentary structure amendments
  • Allocations of structure parts to all members in order to elaborate
  • Script Brainstorming
  • Initial interview contacts

1 hour tutorial

  • Feedback on our progress so far
  • Tips on which people to interview

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