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May 14, 2012

Jacana Projects Team

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Your projects are our projects. Starting a project with us, is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership.

When we engage with you, we adapt our knowledge and organization to the needs of your project.

We commit to the delivery of high quality and personalized solutions.

We strive in adversity, and we are always hunting for the best of glocal, alternative and creative ideas.

We do not believe in the application of emtpy and general frame to all situations.

We do not believe that people and social perspective should be separated in city policies and projects.

The Jacana Projects team is made of independent thinkers with an alternative perspective. We are diverse in our composition and ideas, we are flexible in our organization and thinking, and we are multi-skilled and artistic beings.

Production & Marketing

chrisa team

Management & Planning (Project Manager)

aurelie team

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Media & Web

alina team

Visual Director

nina team

Video Editor

justyna team

Multimedia Editor

Trend Seekers & Focus Group

prerita team

Research Manager & Data Analyst

ayodele team

International Solutions Researcher

We are looking forward working with you.

The Jacana Projects Team

About us

We are a media production company composed of independent thinkers.

We adopt an alternative perspective and we provide you with glocal and customized solutions.

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