October 06, 2004

settling in

still gettn used to the time it takes to actually reach the lecture halls… abt 8–10 minutes walk. workin hard at the moment. will see how it pans out over the year. holding back coz i dont want to burn out.

red bull

the book store gives free red bull/ cook book for purchases above a certain amount…i already got the cook book so i thot id get the red bulls…4 pack..i drank maybe a WEEEE bit too much to stay up and study….and now i cant sleep…silly bulls…

settling in – week 2

just finished maths revision. dont know why but i seem to work better at night, maybe coz its quieter..and i dont really like goin out at night anyways. did about half the revision exercises on ES180, functions and stuff. pretty simple, did it all in a levels anyway. just have to revise the stuff again since i havent done any serious maths work since a level..which was about 9 months ago! heheh..give it time give it time. module and option reg. finally works! doin aesthetics of design..sounds interesting. gettn down some footie games too heheh gotta have the footie games..

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