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March 27, 2005

On My Way

It's less than 24 hours now before I'm back in Thailand. Although the weather is so dull today, my spirit is quite high. Although I lost one hour today, I'll gain much more when I'm at home. My journey will begin soon.

March 26, 2005

What a Day!

What a day! Started my day with broken washing machine and ended up with crazy psycho person. This day really marks my life here before my long vacation.

Laundry Experience Continue

Follow-up to Laundry Experience from Pomme

It's 16.30 now and I'd just taken my clothes out from the dryer. It's my longest laundry work ever. Can you believe it – 5.30 hours altogether!

Laundry Experience

Since I'm leaving for Thailand tomorrow I decided to do my laundry today (Saturday) instead of my usual Friday laundry work. It's a biggest mistake ever!

The reason I normally do my laundry on Friday, and not on Saturday or Sunday is because during the weekend more people would come for their laundry as well. But for this time I thought I want to wash most of my clothes before I go home and carry the fewest clothes possible back with me to continue washing at home. Nevertheless, it's not a good day today.

I put my clothes into the washing machine at 11.00 this morning and when I went in to check after half an hour, there was no power in any of the machine. Something must have gone wrong. Someone called somebody to fix the problem and every other machines came back to live again EXCEPT MY MACHINE!!! I couldn't push open the button to take my clothes out from the machine. What should I do? It's Easter holiday and tomorrow I'm leaving. I can't wait till Tuesday when people come back to work again. I started to call everybody I can think of to help me. Thanks to Lek and P A who gave me a try to open the machine and who helped support my spirit. Finally, thank you very much to the Warden who came and used the tool to open the washing machine.

Result? It's all flooded! My clothes are still unwashed so I had to put them into the other machine to rewash them. This is such an experience I never think I would come across. During my past 6 months here nothing like this has ever occurred to me. I hope this will be my first and last time I have to experience this again!

Wish me luck for my journey back home tomorrow.

March 25, 2005

Thai Culture

Today I learn new things from one Thai school administrator. The topic of our talk is school culture and Thai culture. This is a part of my assignment of the module I took. It's very interesting to learn that there're still schools that bring Thai culture to use as parts of their school culture. Nowadays, more and more international schools are founded as well as bilingual courses. As a result, Thai students are more westernised.

Thai culture has its own value and virtue. It's true that we are now living in the globalised world. Communication among people from different parts of the world is so easy and fast. As a consequence of this, we learned about other cultures even more than ever through various means such as movies, music and so forth. However, we should not forget our Thai culture. Culture is our identity.

March 24, 2005

Life Long Learning

I always believe that we learn new things every day. It doesn't necessary mean new knowledge we learn in class or in any formal academic setting. It can be anything. For example, this blog is my new knowledge. I learn about it from a friend. This enthuse me because it means that I can have my own web space without having to learn any difficult computer language to create one :P Web+log = blog, a new knowledge I learn today.

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