May 03, 2005

TK Park

Writing about web page

TK Park or The Knowledge Park is a new library opened by the cooperation between Ministry of Education and Ministry of ICT. The concept is to create "lively
library" where they combine a library, theatre, computers to use Internet, etc. – all to encourage learning by people who use the park. It's a good idea
but when I went there and experience for myself I still prefer the old quite library to this noisy one :P There're many children there and it's so noisy.
I'd read from the news that they intend to put books for the blind as well. But as far as I know, none can be seen in the area. They let blind student
to sit in the park and read braille book on the opening day by our PM. Is that only just to create image? Even their website is not accessible for blind
people. I understand that materials for the blind are very expensive but if you can't put them in the park, please don't say so. It's not good at all.
Maybe the cheapest way to include us – blind people in they might want to make the web more accessible than it is now so that we may be able to participate, at least electronically.

What's Wrong???

I don't know what's wrong with Warwick webmail system here. It doesn't work very well here (in Thailand). The system keeps kicking me out and always asks me to signin every 1 or 2 minutes. I've not even finished composing and sending my email, it asks me to sign in again!!! Oh gosh! I'm so fed up. Many of my friends didn't receive my emails sending from Warwick account. As a result, I'd to use my other email address instead. But for those mails that I want to contact with the staff and my tutor I can't use my hotmail email account 'cos it's not very formal and I'm now worried whether my mails have got through to my tutors or not :(

May 01, 2005


What a Sunday? It's so boring and quiet. Actually, there are so many sounds around me – from radio, from cars that passes by, etc – but I feel that it's so quiet. I'm feeling so lonely today. I know I should start working on my assignment and writing questions to be used in the interview but I just don't have the mood to do so :( I feel like I'm alone in the middle of the crowd. I hate this kind of feeling but sometimes it just visits me and I can't help. Should find something to do and try to get rid it fast!

April 29, 2005

Education for Blind Students in Thailand

I had a chance to attend the meeting at Thailand Association of the Blind on the other day. The meeting was to discuss about the issues related to education in Thailand towards blind students in order to write a proposal to present to the Minister of Education.

I was shocked to know the fact that how under educated blind people in Thailand are. There are only around 2,200 students in the education system right now – from kindergarten to university. This 2,200 compare to the number of expected blind students in Thailand and those who already registered as disabed (around 10,000) beside the fact of hundred of thousands of blind people in Thailand according to the statistics indicated by many reputable organisation. This issue is really discouraging.

From around 2,200 blind students, only several of them have the opportunity to continue to higher level such as bachelor or master. There're only approximately 50 students graduated high school (grade 12) each year. Some years can be more or less. The reason that this is so is because of the barriers that prevent blind students from succeeding in education. The barriers can range from unavailability of learning material and support to attitude of schools and public as well as opportunities given to these students. Blind people also citizens of Thailand. They too, should have equal right to participate in the education so that they can be independent and be able to help develop our country.


Today I'm so relief. The reason is because I'd submitted my two assignments last night. Now I'll only have to wait for the result. However, I still have
some more works to continue working. Being a human is just like this. You never really finish with your works. There're always new things coming by your
way. Therefore, be energetic to welcome and accept whatever things that come to you – either good or bad.

April 25, 2005

Assistive Technology

Finally most functions available in the mobile phone iare accessible to me now :) I'd just got a new mobile phone yesterday. It operates by symbian OS which allows me to install a screenreader software for mobile phone called "Talks" into it. Now I can send and receive text messages (althought not MMS), it's better than nothing anyway.

Being a disabled costs a lot in order for us to be fully inclusive in the mainstream society. However, with technology nowadays, the matter of inclusion becomes more possible although we still have to pay extra cost to be included. ICT really is helps us live in the mainstream society more independently. Hope in the future these advanced technologies will cost less to enable wider groups of disabled to bparticipate more

April 22, 2005

Grade A :D

I'm so happy today. The reason is because I just knew the result of my second Foundation Research Method assignment. You may be able to guess the result
from my heading and my feeling. Yes, I did it! I got A!!! This really lifts me up and encourages me to continue to work on my other assignments. My hard
work and stressed really paid their price :) Well…shouldn't be too excite because the rest of the assignments are all very tough. (sigh) Anyway, I'll just give myself an excuse to be so happy tonight and go back to reality of tons of assignments waiting to be completed tomorrow.

April 20, 2005

The Drawbacks of Sleepless

This morning I'd read a forwarded mail from my respected colleague. The mail is about the drawbacks of going to bed late. Many bad things can happen to
our health which I won't be able to write them all here. But I'd like to give my own example.

The reason I'm now in Thailand is because of my health. My eye pressure rose very high while I'm in England so I decided to take the first chance I can
to come back here and see my doctor. The result? My pressure dropped from 22 to 12 (in the firstexamination) and 16 on my recent examination on Monday.
These numbers are considered quite satisfactory. Moreover, my other friend also faces the same problem. She never has the problem with her eye pressure. But recently, she has the problem of not being able to sleep properly as well due to some of her problems. Result? Her eye pressure also rose and her doctor had to give her sleeping pills to send her to sleep so that her pressure will drop back to normal.

So, whatever you do, try to get as much sleep as possible.

April 15, 2005

More Organised

To be organised is the most important thing to work effectively. I experience this in the hard way. It is with my references to my assignment. Actually I finished my assignment since early afternoon but then I used around 3–4 hours just to gather all the information needed to be put in the reference section of my assignment. I should not have used that much time for only 13 references if I had organised them well. I should be more careful in my next assignment :P

April 14, 2005

Time is Precious

Where is all my time??? It's been almost 3 weeks now in Thailand. Time really flies. I hardly do anything worthwhile during these 3 weeks. I realize now that time really is a precious thing as the due date of my assignments is coming closer and closer :( It is impossible to pull back all the time I had lost and also impossible to stop the time from running into the future. I should do the most out of the time I have got but sometimes it is so tired to put too much pressure on myself.

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