January 24, 2010

Noughties leadership

Now that the Noughties finally ends it is a lot of things to think on. The main question is... Did you enjoy it?... I think the answer is yes in almost all cases. Below try to link this world events with leadership doesn't matter if the leadership is a good one or a evil one... I put my personal opinion but if you want to give your opinion just copy / paste in the comments box and enjoy your self:

2000 bug (Y2K): A lot of geeks leading this wold project to save the humankind from the machines madness.. jejejeje

2001 World Trade Center Attack: It is more the one hundred unknown heroes for this specific day, that lead all the rescue operations.

2005: Bush Re election: How can US re elect a man that move the world into his personal world??.. for oil...!!!.. Who lead this re election??? what was behind all this lie?

2007: Al Gore won the Peace Nobel Price.... Finally a "Gringo" (US leader) fighting for the climate change

2009: Barcelona FC won the Champions League defeating Manchester United. I really prefer the British football.. but it is a pleasure see how Mezzi plays...

And a lot more... In this 10 years all the countries had good government leader or a lot of evil and bad ones... Science Researchers, Sports Players, Musicians, DJs, Actors, and we can easy get that in any case they set the bases for this century.. what is going to happened??... we don't know... BUT WE ARE ON IT... WE ARE PLAYING MY FRIENDS... so How far do you want to go today?... Remember... WE ARE LEADERS..

the noughties: the years from 2000 to 2009 (Oxford Learner's pocket dictionary)  

November 13, 2009


October 15, 2009


Trying to identify a subject for the blog, in the way to give it a lane of knowledge, I found a booklet that say in the front “QUESTIONING EVERITHING”, so I pick up one, read it and I got an idea for my first blog entry.

7 or 8 years ago, one of my undergraduate studies professor, told us that “As Engineers you are obligated to Questioning Everything all time. If it works, break it”. I liked so much that sentence, and since that moment I had been trying to apply it in my jobs. The problem was that it is not a standard rule to question the others work. You have to build a very flexible method, supplied in your own experience and learning from other people experience. I know that you are not against the peoples job, you are trying to improve the process. It is funny because when you think you have a method to implement that, comes a bad situation and crash your method.

The question is not if you have to apply the “QUESTIONING EVERYTHING” issue, the question is “Please, tell me the way that you successfully apply it”, or just your experience trying to implement an improvement process in your career life.

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