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April 30, 2012

What Presentation Skills Do Employer's Expect?

The job market is continually changing, and nowhere is this more true than graduate employment. Nowadays employers are expecting more and more from prospective candidates, so your skills need to be as up to date as possible.

But when it comes to presenting and media creation, just what skills do employer's expect? These can vary from one industry to another, but usually graduate employers expect a presentation at assessment centres, so being able to present confidently and calmly is a must. Some employers are now also getting candidates to produce videos as part of the selection process, making skill in this area increasingly important.

I've personally been to four assessment centres, and all of them wanted a presentation. The size of audience varied from just one person to five, but it was always a nerve racking experience as I knew so much was riding on it. That's why its so important to get as much practice as you can in presenting.

To start doing this, try out the Learning Grid Adviser's presentation feedback service. You can book a presentation room hereand book an adviser to watch your presentation and provide feedback here.

Are you currently trying to get a graduate job? If so what are your experiences?

Presentation Technologies

Hi everybody,

There's lots of technologies out there that you can use to improve a presentation, such as PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi to name just two. What software do you like use to present with? What training and support would you like Warwick to offer you in using such software?

In the meantime, try out prezi, you can make a free acount at Prezi is a zooming presentation technology that also has the benefit of being able to produce non-linear presentations.



This is a blog where people throughout Warwick can discuss their views on presenting, and in particular using the latest technology to improve presentations. We'll also be discussing the associated areas of poster and video production.

This blog has IT and presentation experts from throughout Warwick contributing to it, so whatever your question, ask away!

Have you got any views on any of the threads? Any questions you'd like to ask? Please fire away as this project is all about Warwick helping to improve the services it offers to its students, so the more you let us know, the more we can do!

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