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March 03, 2012

Decision–making process

Given our presentation for this module, we are given the opportunity to explore the tools for robust decision-making. So, working with the rest members of my team we came up with many ideas of what is the most appropriate tools for making a particular decision. And I have to admit that our initial ideas were pretty good!

However, the 'problem' arised when we needed to actually implement them! It is really hard to put in practice the theory. And to my mind, this is because of three main reasons:

1. We have so little experience on these methods. Since the decisions tools are not so easy to understand-at least some of them-I found it hard to use them for our problems.

2. We have little information about the situation. It is supposed that we can make any logical assumption that we want. But, in order to justufy some things you need not only one, but a series of assumptions which will represent the reality. Thus, you have to create a whole new reality based on hypotheses that you don't even know...

3. We either think too much or too little. And here the problem is that in some cases, some people may have previous knowledge on the subjects concerning the decisions, so they are used to perceive things in a broader perspective with many variables and data. Thus, it is natural that they have so many questions in their minds that need to be answered in order to make the decision. On the other hand, sometimes we have so little knowledge about something that we tend to simplify what we don't understand. And of course in this case, we know that our decision will be biased, but there's nothing we can do.

Concequently, I tend to think that in order to make this presentation happen, but thinking also how we can apply this later on our lives, it is better if we can balance all the above mentioned problems, so that the decision making process seems less than a burden as it looks like now!

February 27, 2012

I can't make decisions!

historic-information-and-quick-decision-making-21603946.jpgStarting the new module called Robust Decision Making seems an exciting way to start the week. By the end of the first day though, you can't resist to question all the ways you use to make decisions from trivial to serious ones. Thus, I found myself doubting for so many choices that I've done up till now and wondering how many times I made decisions with some kind of bias, without even know and realizing it!

All of us have a way of thinking which we have developed for so many years. And now we face in front of our eyes that there's great chance that most of the decisions we have made weren't based on hard facts! How frustrating is that? If you think about it for a while, is like your whole world being shattered...

As Jeff mentioned today, the 'problem' is even worse when leaders make decisions with bias and not based on solid evidences. Therefore, is it likely that when we are in similar situations, to be able to understand these biases and be willing to make decision in the right way?

I need to think so...

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