February 11, 2012

The perfect leader

Now that the module is over and I had some time to think about it, I focused on my experience as the leader of a team. I had the opportunity to led many times and I'm thankful for it.

I want to focus on the fact that when my team won their feedback had only positive comments and no areas for improvement. And I was particularly interested to seek less postive feedback in these cases. On the other hand, when my team didn't win there were suggestions about improvement. I know that all cases were different as the team members weren't the same, neither the situation. I also tried to justify my 'perfection' with the fact that in that particular situation as the leader I had what my rest team wanted, whereas in the rest cases my team members wanted or expected more.

But my question is that: when everything goes well and your team wins or achieve a goal, is always with a perfect leader who hasn't a single area for improvement?

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  1. Oritseweyinmi Barber

    I think it’s because all too often, people view positive results as the sole measurement of good leadership. When this sort of assumption is made, If things turn out well, then the leader has done their job perfectly, if not, then, it becomes easier to call out their shortcomings.

    Even when the outcome is successful, i think it is still important to inform a person about their areas of improvement so they can do an even better job next time

    11 Feb 2012, 21:29

  2. Natnicha Tangkijngamvong

    I think it turned out this way because people tend to focus on the result rather than the process. If you win, then the process is being ignored, but if you didn’t win, people would start to pick up all the mistakes occurred during the process. However, i believe that if the team is very engaged and worked together during the task, then no matter what the outcome is, they wouldn’t try to just identify the leader’s mistakes but the team’s as a whole.

    11 Feb 2012, 22:44

  3. Sophie Bellone

    Heyyy Ilektra!

    I would say it is hard to really experienced “leadership” in those situations. What we did in class was pretty simple and the exercises were kinda short. As a result, it remains harde to assess someone’s capacity in such situations.

    From my point of view, the best example you had was the last one, the one we did on friday morning (and where u had some areas for improvement). You realized that without your team, you can not do much and it was harder to get people’s attention and motivation (you experienced it with me! ;)) especially because we were all tired, the game lasted a couple of hours and we moved really slowly..

    In real situations, and as a leader, I guess you have more or less long projects to manage and as you said, from one situation to another one, everything can change. You can seek perfection as a leader but since not everything depends on you (e.g. team members, motivation, understanding of the whole situations, resources available…) it might be hard to reach it, if at least, it is possible …. ;)


    12 Feb 2012, 15:42

  4. Swati Sharma

    Well! that question does not have a straight black n white answer. As it always happen, when ever we face success- we are so overjoyed that we hardly look back to analyse what made it work? can it be repeated? etc. on the other hand when we fail, reflection is all that we are left with and we tend to overshadow the positive input that has gone into it. So, i think in both the cases there is always an area of improvement.

    12 Feb 2012, 20:43

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