April 17, 2012

Managing knowledge and assets: easy or difficult?

Knowledge management and asset management are two quite broad issues that companies have to deal with. Each one, and even each perspective of them, takes a lot of time to be explored and understood. Yet, an exellent company needs to address both in such an effective way that gives it sustainability and successful results. Thus, how easy can these processes be?

To my mind, so far, these two things, knowledge and assets are more than difficult to be managed effectively! Not only because they are too broad, but also because they involve many people. And usually the more complex a situation is, the more difficult is to handle it properly. And what seems to be even more difficult is to sustain a certain (effective) management level on these issues and the same time to keep doing business.

Therefore, how can a company ensure that it can achieve excellence in managing knowledge and assets? Or maybe there is not such a thing in these areas?

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  1. Pauline Mmbaga

    I think it is possible Ilektra, but it probably takes great efforts to achieve. Like you said, managing knowledge and assets effectively requires a lot of people and it is quite broad…there’s also likely to be conflicts between different departments along the way, because it requires coordination and cohesiveness which are themselves difficult to achieve . But I believe if a company is well organised,has the right people at the right places and time and takes great effort in following up on whether or not people are doing what they should be doing,meeting the targets and standards set then somehow it can all work out.

    18 Apr 2012, 13:06

  2. Shalini Newatia

    Even I think it is possible because I think both assets and knowledge management both go hand in hand as in together . If a company wants to manage its assets , it is neccesary to build the knowledge within the organisation to sustain the assets. I agree that it is difficult to achieve and requires the effort from both the employees and the employers.

    18 Apr 2012, 20:36

  3. Oritseweyinmi Barber

    Excellence can be achieved in knowledge and asset management I think, as in all areas of a business It will require time input and dedication but I think it can be done. Or I guess we will find out soon enough over the next few weeks

    18 Apr 2012, 21:29

  4. Ilektra-maria Kaldi

    Thank you all for your comments. It seems that you all believe that achieving excellence in this field is possible by having the right people and structure! Nevertheless, I am not very sure about that! Or at least convinced… I think within the next few weeks we will be able to answer my question! Looking forward to that!

    18 Apr 2012, 21:37

  5. Rasmus Gejl Kristensen

    Excellence cannot be achieved in any way. It is not a goal or price someone has but a journey. You might reach the goal for one day, but that is not excellence. The moment you reach the goal another competitor has also reached it and passed it at least thats how an excellent company should think. I know im assuming that excellence should thereby be sustainble which involves looking into the future. You can argue for something looking sustainable but never be 100% sure. Something might rise in the future changing the whole thing.
    Being able to manage knowledge and assets in the old days might have been done trough paper work. Today thats electronic and in the future it might go directly from brain to brain( heard it at a TED event).
    Excellence is a thought concept which works with certains values.

    18 Apr 2012, 22:10

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