February 27, 2012

I can't make decisions!

historic-information-and-quick-decision-making-21603946.jpgStarting the new module called Robust Decision Making seems an exciting way to start the week. By the end of the first day though, you can't resist to question all the ways you use to make decisions from trivial to serious ones. Thus, I found myself doubting for so many choices that I've done up till now and wondering how many times I made decisions with some kind of bias, without even know and realizing it!

All of us have a way of thinking which we have developed for so many years. And now we face in front of our eyes that there's great chance that most of the decisions we have made weren't based on hard facts! How frustrating is that? If you think about it for a while, is like your whole world being shattered...

As Jeff mentioned today, the 'problem' is even worse when leaders make decisions with bias and not based on solid evidences. Therefore, is it likely that when we are in similar situations, to be able to understand these biases and be willing to make decision in the right way?

I need to think so...

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  1. Hey Ilektra,
    since you already opened the topic ‘I can’t make decisions’ I’ll write over here that it’s about myself as well :)
    While reading yuor entry, I started wondering – is there anyone who can make very good decisions all the time? I’m not taking about decisions that you would have time to do the research, just the ones under a pressure of time, that occurred ffrom the situation. Can this subject be mastered so that very good decisions are made all the time?
    I believe that the best way to learn things is by coping behaviours of those who succeeded in the subject already (this is the case with oter things as well, by the way). It would be good to find such an example…. but I can’t think of anyone in particular, really. Can anyone help here?

    27 Feb 2012, 18:14

  2. Akshay Kothari

    According to me none of us is bad decision makers its just matter of fact. I don’t think I am bad at making decisions, … because if that is the case then I wouldn’t be doing this causers at this time… I always appreciate my decisions. But yes definitely I need to improve my decision-making skills to make more reliable decisions to sustain in this competitive environment. Some time we make decisions based on our gut feelings and analysis of available date, we don’t use decision-making techniques, which is incorrect way of making decision. In current competitive business scenario we need to think ab8 this tools to make more reliable decisions.

    But I also feel that some time we do all analysis, which is required to make a good decision, but we don’t realise that we are using any technique to make a decision as we do that unconsciously in our mind. Don’t know all about this yet so need to go through tomorrow’s class to explore myself to learn decision tool and then I can make so called robust decision…

    27 Feb 2012, 20:36

  3. Ilektra-maria Kaldi

    What I meant wasn’t that we are bad decision-makers. I was just thinking that today it was a complete ‘revelation’ to me that we tend to make decisions based on our feelings and then rationalize them with what we think is fact. And I am saying this, as I am a person who thinks more with logic and less with emotions; but today I understood that no matter how hard I try to make an unbiased decision, I always felt in the trap of some of the kinds of biases. And I think that most of us do so most of the times-if not always-when it comes to make decisions…

    27 Feb 2012, 22:32

  4. Pauline Mmbaga

    It is not often that we find flawless decisions made. Bias will always be there, but it can be minimised and avoided.

    I agree with Ilektra in that having gone through yesterdays session, it really made me question my reckless/irrational decison making.But I think sometimes we make the choice to be biased. And thus to answer Marcin’s questions…I think the best way is to really try and avoid being objective in any sort of decision making.

    28 Feb 2012, 17:46

  5. Daniella Abena Badu

    In addition to the contributions, I believe that sometimes we are presented with situations whereby we have to make instant decisions when there usually isn’t enough time to research and analyse data, in cases like this we can use our instincts, experiences etc to help us make quality decisions. As Akshay rightly said, pursuing such a course or knowledge in general indicates that we are pretty good decison makers. The course RDM however is meant to shape and enhance our decision making process and teach us how to use proven techniques to help us make quality decisions.

    02 Mar 2012, 22:09

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