February 10, 2012

Being ourselves or being leaders?

Having completed the last activity within the leadership module, I was wondering if we actually have shown our true leadership style. In other words, I mean that since we have a friendly relationship with most of our collegues, I'm not really sure if when we led that style was how we lead in fact. This also applies to me, as well.

I think when we are going to be managers and we will need to lead a team, maybe our style is not going to be that open-minded and democratic. Because it would be about our real job and real tasks. Now we knew that we are in a safe environment and maybe we didn't want to hurt other people feelings or aquire a certain reputation, like autocratic or bossy and hazard our social perception. As friends we have usually another attitude, but as leaders we have other traits, and people perceive us differently.

Thus, although I believe that we learned a lot of things about ourselves, our skills and abilities and definately we changed our perceptions about what leadership means, I think that we haven't explore ourselves as much as we could or would like.

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  1. Pinthida Thanatipanont

    I agree with you Ilektra. However, I think it still was a really good lesson learning about other people. To me, there were quite a few people I didnt already know, many of which are competitive. Still, I think overall, I have been able to reflect on:

    1). How my actions, body language, words, etc.. have had impact on other people (collegues). How they react, and my area for improvements
    2). How other people react to other people.
    3). People’s and my own perception of leadership and cultural differences.
    4). The essence of time
    5). Being liked vs being respected

    and many more points.

    At the very least, from this module, we have gotten feedback from our peers and observations of other people’s actions. Despite the simulated environment, I think there were still a lot of tendency to show our true selves (innate), which will influence what we do in the ‘real world’.

    10 Feb 2012, 18:23

  2. Oritseweyinmi Barber

    I get your point. I also wondered the same thing myself. But like Pinn said, I still think we’ve gained some useful lessons from the simulations, they can never accurately represent real life, but, they are a valuable source for learning opportunities. I know I have certainly learnt a few things myself.

    10 Feb 2012, 23:30

  3. Ilektra-maria Kaldi

    I don’t challenge the fact that we all learned a lot of things not only about ourselves but the leadership in general. But, I feel, at least for myself, that when I will have a real job, I’m not very sure that I will have the same reaction in many things. I indeed learned many things and I enjoyed this module as well, and especially the feedback I got from certain people made me think a lot about my abilities!

    11 Feb 2012, 18:49

  4. Manav Gupta

    I quit agree with you Ilektra…I understand when you say that the leadership style we followed over here, we may not be able to apply in the real world, we may not be able to be as democratic as we were over here. However, what I do feel and learned from the module is that it has given me a taste of real world. It has provided all of us real life kind of experiences where we can were able to see how people actually react when you are democratic or autocratic. It is true that there are situations and team members when autocratic style would be better but what my experience have been through this module is that being democratic and really connecting with your team mates or group of followers is really helpful and for me really important for the leader. I feel a leader who is more democratic in his style is better perceived by his followers. I have learnt it during the module that a autocratic leader would never be accepted by an emerging leader and it would lead to a lot o conflicts. Also, what I gained from the module was that it is relatively easier for a democratic leader to turn autocratic on the demand of situation than vice versa. So, thats why Ilektra even thought the environment may be not so safe in the real world and the followers reaction would be different, I feel there are a lot of reactions and perceptions that would be constant for the followers when we go in the real world and it is then when the experience gained from his module would be really helpful.

    11 Feb 2012, 20:38

  5. Ilektra-maria Kaldi

    I agree with you Manav, especially the way you put it in with the reaction of the members. I t became obvious that certain attitudes are not easily acceptable from team members, and on the other hand leader cannot accept certain action of their team, like an emerging leader. Thank you also for your viewpoint that democratic leaders can easier become autocratic given the situation that vise versa and be accepted by the team. This is something that I haven’t thought so far, and it holds true!

    11 Feb 2012, 21:01

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