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February 26, 2006

why should we read Michael Halliday?

the questions are:
Mark Lowe gives many reasons why he thinks English Language Teachers should know about Halliday's work. Which reasons do you find most convincing? are there any that you disagree with?

Convincing reasons:
1. Hallidays ideas explain the lg, do not merely describe it. they relate language to its function (how it is used in daily life)
this is influenced by his broad experience/knowledge in sociology.

2. metafunction: ideational (understanding the world), relating to other people (interactional), and how ideas are made coherent and logical (textual).
metacuntions is believed to enable learners to relate language forms to concrete functional needs (not abstract grammatical form). like we learn present tense, past tense, in isolation.. it makes us know the rules but not know how to use it.

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