October 17, 2005


just …...whatever.

I feel shite.

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  1. ::hug::

    17 Oct 2005, 01:56

  2. who the HELL are you, get the fuck off my blog. wanker.

    26 Dec 2005, 12:18

  3. Good god, Mr Cozmatic has been popping up on a fair few blogs recently hasn't he? Now citizens, what are we to assume from someone who spends all their time writing rude things to people who he doesn't know? That a social life is somewhat lacking? That issues are endemic?

    I'd say the best thing to do is ignore him but it's actually quite fun to write back replies as his range of insults and comebacks is so limited that you can practuse for when a more worthy opponent comes along. The art of the swift one liner must be rehearsed and why not use this perennial punchbag as target practise?

    26 Dec 2005, 15:10

  4. Sarah hb

    Haha sounds good to me :) Let's rip the little CoZmatic to pieces :) I'll take his legs – he obviosuly doesn't need them since he never leaves the side of his one true love (The porn filled computer).

    26 Dec 2005, 18:53

  5. If this gets popular, i could set up a post specifically to rip the kaiser to pieces…because as holly said, it is rather fun.

    Where did you learn your scary intimidating words, Mr cosmo man? Eminem? After you'd had surgery on your screwed up cosmatic face?

    27 Dec 2005, 11:16

  6. Mathew Mannion

    I'm sorry that he came here :(

    27 Dec 2005, 21:49

  7. "Isobel Hampton Smallbrain", "Holly CockCruiser", "SarahSucker" And "Mathew Marion"

    Wow, how does he think of these? If it weren't for the fact that I'm so completely bored of his one joke play on my name I might be amused.

    bq.a) have problems with controlling their menustration.

    We don't control it. It is a natural process. If you weren't an inadequate misogynist then maybe you might one day speak to a woman without pissing yourself in fear and she might explain the process to you. At your current rate of progress I predict you will be able to have a conversation with a woman, which won't result in her calling the police, by about 2011. Maybe.

    Now, as a young lad, and with obviously much more experience

    I bow before your superior experience of wanking, trolling and reusing the same vacant insults. When will puberty hit you? My guess is roughly Sept 2008, but I am a perennial optimist.

    Now, i suggest you go find someone to love you. Be

    Done that. Now it's your turn… good luck, I really think you need it.

    Right that's the first comment dealt with, now let's see what he's put in the other comments. I bet it's more mindless, unfunny and, frankly, unoffensive variations on the same theme. Don't you love the way he writes one and then comes back as if he's thought of something better? The irony being that he never thinks of anything different. Onwards…


    Could I be more accurate? I have this guy so worked out and he has absolutely no idea about me in the slightest…

    OMFG im gonna be ripped apart by a bunch of cockhorny whores that cant even reply :( im sooo scared! BWAHAHAHA

    Well it was 2am (which I'm guessing is 3am in Denmark). I was sleeping which is what normal people do when they are a little tired. It helps us because sleep makes us less grumpy and more sociable. As you are grumpy and unsociable and commenting at 3am I guess you don't sleep much but then if your parents are in bed I think it might be easier for you to look at porn and wank furiously so that explains it. I recommend actual friends as they are much more acceptable to parents than big boobed porn site girls who would laugh in your face were you ever to meet them.

    Like smoking glue. Or breaking cars. Or
    yah, whatever, ANYTHING!

    Go right ahead. We won't stop you. But you won't stop because we have you, like a fly in a web, you desperately try to escape but can't. Your failure, time and again, to make us bow before you infuriates you because you are way out of your league. Every defeat (and there are many) is eating you up. Becoming a torment in your soul as you feel slighted by these strangers. But guess what? You started this. You came here and attacked us and now you must face the consequences, humiliating deafeat after humiliating defeat.

    And for the rest of you losers, get a life. Seriously? please?

    Got one. Off to see friends later which is why I won't be chasing you around on here until later (if you dare to show your face again… and you will because currently we own your life, we obsess you to distraction, you can't think of anything else but us and it hurts) as I will be interacting with real humans. You know, real people. Ones you talk to (and I don't mean your social worker) in the flesh.

    Stop me if this is too difficult a concept.

    Bella, again I apologise for the demolition job. I know it's mean to pick on someone who does the boxing equivilent of running into my glove repeatedly but I am such a balanced, albeit currently bored, person that I like to, as has been said elsewhere by Sarah, release some of that aggression. I spend all my time surrounded by nice peopel who love me and are genuine friends that I often can't let the demolition side of me out. Coz is proving good for me in that I am now a lot happier for having won something today.

    28 Dec 2005, 10:20

  8. beki

    ello ello ppl. cozmetic man needs 2 grow up n grow sum pubic hairs!!! i bet e spends all nyt long finkin of sick comebax tht r so not funny tht u have 2 laff at im. X

    28 Dec 2005, 11:59

  9. Actually i find it funny that you spend so much time on thinking of comebacks, and then your comebacks just
    well suck!

    I don't spend a lot of time on it. I think and type quickly because I am incredibly clever and a fast typer from having worked with computers. If you realised how little time I spend on you you would actually cry as you clearly spend all day obsessed with us and trying (and failing) to compose adequate comebacks.

    now i know ALOT about menustration that i didnt want to know.

    Misogynist. But I cannot help it you cannot relate to women. Chances are you cannot relate to men either. Try getting some real friends. They are great and will no doubt curb your trolling and ceaseless inferiority.

    28 Dec 2005, 20:35

  10. Mathew Mannion

    Well you really showed her

    28 Dec 2005, 22:53

  11. And look how quickly he replied! He can't stop thinking about us. We are now the closest thing he has to friends and we all think he's a loser who needs a life. It's a tragedy really and the reason why he doesn't wind me up or make me angry, I'm just really sad for him.

    Well by "really sad", I mean I would be if I gave a toss…

    28 Dec 2005, 23:47

  12. Mathew Mannion

    Ooooh, a CS geek. How spectacular

    29 Dec 2005, 02:40

  13. ha holly – not to worry, i think its hilarious really!

    Got a bit carried away on matt's blog, but oh well.

    I think he's been scared of now tho…

    29 Dec 2005, 16:18

  14. Bored of this now…

    Wanders off to have fish and chips.

    You know that you can survive on fruit and beer alone? I was quite amazed to learn that.

    29 Dec 2005, 18:20

  15. My ancestors (Celts) know about your ancestors, they were the ones who kept arriving in their longboats and burning down our houses. Then they founded Dublin, the capital of Ireland. So my Celtic family have lived in a viking city for the last 1500 years. That's the oddness of history for you.

    That berserkergang sounds scary, no wonder we Celts ran away. Our tactic was to fight naked except for blue paint!

    29 Dec 2005, 20:27

  16. u feeling ok holly? cozmatic hasnt got to you has he? :P

    29 Dec 2005, 22:52

  17. Were you abused as a child or something? Your attempts to be shocking are just….shockingly pathetic.

    And laughable, you poor poor creature.

    05 Jan 2006, 11:42

  18. marina

    this is some nice stuff

    12 Jan 2006, 05:43

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