December 03, 2005

last entry this term

Well folks, this is it, last day….luckily chris' mum came and took the majority of my stuff to Grimsby so ive been spared the lucky (insert american 'surely you mean unlucky?' ) predicament of carrying 6 bags or so across london. Like that was gonna happen!

Bit sad to be honest. All my other housemates have got their parents here atm; of course, me having none, or rather one, who's in NZ, and a hapless step who cant drive, i cant enjoy the luxury of being sped home in the car. Funnily enough people seem totally oblivious to how im feeling. Ok ok so we're busy getting out stuff together to leave…but

bye x

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  1. I hope you have somewhere to go for christmas and it's lovely anyway. I'm not getting picked up by a parent either if it helps. Sometimes people our age don't think far beyond their own worlds and need a good poking with sharpe objects in my opinion.
    Despite that though I'm sure they all care about you and if they knew how you felt would be a little less insensitive.

    Sorry…thought I'd comment. I read it and it made me sad.

    On a lighter note, cool coloured blog!

    03 Dec 2005, 12:22

  2. Huni I'm so sorry. I just didn't think. Can you forgive me? :( huggles xoxox

    04 Dec 2005, 21:42

  3. Christopher Rossdale

    How much of your stuff am I allowed to steal honey? You have some awesome CDs here.

    06 Dec 2005, 11:16

  4. Thanks jessica :)

    Of course you're forgiven sarah. I know you had your own problems that day anyway. :) Ace party yesterday, by the way. Did you end up having a threesome with heather and that guy? ;)

    Chris – dont you dare steal anything! :P Ill be getting it back tomorrow anyway….hopefully….

    10 Dec 2005, 16:44

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