June 17, 2005

Preparing for an EPAIS Final Farewell

So here we are then. The first year has almost finished if you can believe it and yet it certainly doesn't seem like it. Well not for me anyway. The time of year where we all reminisce about the past nine months or so is upon us and I shall not pretend that I don't feel kinda sad/ numb that I will soon be leaving you all for the summer. But here are a few memories of my time here (it is a personal selection and by no means exhaustive) that I'm sure some of you will remember or at least had heard of;

1/ Gabe campaigning for SSLC Faculty rep before every lecture for a period of about two weeks at least. In case this sounds like I am having a pop at him, rest assured that I ain't. Fair play to the guy for having the energy and drive to actually try and do something, so all respect to him.

2/ Katherine's 21st birthday. Mainly based on Fred being seen as younger than 18 as Yates or Weatherspoons (can't remember which as it was a good night and I seem to remember talking about penguins and Russia all the way home in the taxi from Leamington. Weird, or what?) and the bar staff not accepting his ID. For those of you who can't understand why this would cause such mirth to me, you must be aware that at the age of 21, Fred was the oldest one there. There will come a time when he will appreciate not being seen as old as he actually is.

3/ Just to prove that I am not perfect (as the people unfortunate enough to have met me will testify) I shall have a go at having a bit of fun at my own expense. Firstly, there is the assumption of quite a few people that I am some sort of organisational freak who only is interested in working hard and about a month ahead of schedule (or compared to James Lee, about a term ahead of schedule. Sorry James—- couldn't resist but you do join in the banter at my expense.) The assumption here is that everytime we hear about an essay or a bit of work set is that I have already done it and that I am preparing for the next essay that is due in the next term. I would like to deny that this is the case. The truth is that I blag, procrastinate and bull** just as much as everyone else.
Also there is the post exam social where we all ended up in the Union and my absolutely hopeless dancing, regardless of how many times Laurence said that it would put Michael Flatly to shame.

4/ Walking into the Learning Grid and actually waking a few of coursemates who had sent a period of 36 hours continuously in there. The mind boggles how anyone can spend that much time in that place without going mad.

5/ Adam Taylor's IP lectures (I use the term 'lecture' loosely) as they were certainly unconventional if not memorable.

6/ The debates about whether the word 'liberalist' actually exists (see an earlier entry for more details. That is if you care enough.)

7/ Sarun ( and everyone else for that matter) actually being able to understand and answer the questions set in our economics seminars. I didn't understand any all year. Promise.

8/ CDA. Need I say any more?

9/ The 'Atletico' EPAIS football team. The ironic thing was that the guy who organised the competition actually turned up late for his own tournament. Except for yours truly we all played pretty well and came a not too shabby third.

10/ Everyone calling me lucky for winning the ipod mini for the WP questionairre. Seriously, that was the first and only time I had really won anything.

11/ Are you still reading this? Run out of ideas but I'm sure I'll remember certain things and add them later.

On a more serious note, I will miss you guys (and girls), even if it is a case of me having to find someone else to argue with. I'm sure I'll see most of you in the final week of term, especially those who were unable to come to the social that I had attempted rather feebly to organise. If I don't see you and even if I do, I wish you all the best and a happy, relaxing summer wherever you end up. If, when you are sunning yourselves on a nice beach thinking you don't have to set foot in a uni for 3 months, you could spare a thought for little old me hopefully working as an english language assistant at Moscow University, it would be very much appreciated.

See you all soon and take care,
Everyone's fave annoying EPAIS coursemate,

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