May 16, 2005

Apology or an Appeal for Clarification? – Liberal or Liberalist?

This is a general apology (although specifically aimed at Fred), for being unsure of the correct use of my own language. (What, did I read that correctly, Iain never,ever apologises!!!) Often I have argued with him over the correct way to describe someone who holds a liberal political outlook on life. He contends that you can call someone a 'liberalist', whilst I counter that assumption with the fact that the word doesn't even exist. Instead I have hitherto confidently insisted that you can only say that someone is a 'liberal' or say that he holds 'liberal' views. However, now I am not so sure. Is anyone?

What, I hear you ask, has planted this seed of doubt in my normally overly confident (and some might say, arrogant) mind? The answer, surprising as it might seem, is actually my own work that has been posted up on this blog. In my own essays I have referred to liberals as 'liberalists' and so to avoid confusion and to apologise to anyone that I have had this discussion with, as well as to avoid accusations of hypocrisy I would like to say it. I'm sorry. There, that didn't hurt. Well not too much anyway. So there you go, the moral of this blog entry is to NEVER, EVER TRUST ANYTHING IAIN SAYS. (Assuming that you were taking any notice that is.)

Before I finish (gosh, I wish this guy would just shut up!), I would just like to wish all my fellow EPAIS students and any other friends that I may have, the best of luck with the revision and the upcoming exams. Never before has such a small word caused such anxiety and stress for so many people. If you come out of an exam feeling rather low and thinking you may need to come back early in September to re do them, all I can say is this. Don't. If the worst comes to the worst, you can rest assured you will have me for some rather fun, if not self depricating, company. I know nothing and I don't know where to start!

See y'all soon in the coming weeks,

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