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November 02, 2006

Leiberman and Isreal

..[to push through] a strategic vision for the final solution of how Isreal will look in 20-25 years time

This is the policy of Avigdor Lieberman, the newly appointed Isreali deputy prime minister, in his own words. An ultra-rightwinger, and former protege of Bibi Netanyahu, the appointment shows us the depressing state of Isreali politics.

This is a man who gained his popularity through propagating race-hatred, and openly advocates the expulsion of Arabs from Isreal controlled lands and has made it clear his aim of creating a racially-pure state.

Jorg Haider and Marie Le Pen, of Austria and France respectively, are rightly shunned and ridiculed for their fascist views, but in Isreal, we have reached a state of affairs where politicians like Leiberman are rewarded with a top government position.

Perhaps more distressing is the reaction from the supposedly more “progressive” Labour wing of the government coalition. By reaction, I mean non-reaction. Only one minister has resigned over the appointment. Labour are now allied to members of the ultra-rightwing. As Zehava Galon, leader of the small leftwing Meretz party, says, “there is no leftwing…in Isreal now.” Policy will continue to be dictated by hawks, and the only result can be further oppression, further violence and further distance from a sustainable peace.

October 11, 2006

'Death in Gaza'

For those of you who may have been at our meeting today, you will have heard me advertise the film ‘Death in Gaza’ film being shown by the PAIS department. I think I saw one person who was at the meeting turn up, and I think it was a shame that so many missed such a powerful piece of work.

I knew the film was going to be incredibly hard hitting (simply because of the subject matter) but what I didn’t realise that it was going to be incredibly good.

The film starts by saying it is not about who’s the better in this conflict, and instead tries to highlight the effect this culture of violence is having to the population, especially to the children of Gaza. The film’s director, James Miller, was actually planning to produce a separate project, concentrating on the children of Isreal. Aswell has demonstrating the tragic circumstances of the children it follows, the film also acts as a tribute to the director, who tragically dies during the filming, shot in the neck by Isreali fire as he walks towards a bulldozer saying, “We’re British Journalists”, and waving a white flag.

Ironically, whilst throughout the film Miller highlights the warped nature of the Palestine resistance, where the inability to match Isreali firepower turns every death into a cause for celebration, he himself has his image paraded through the streets of Gaza on a bed of flowers to the cries of “God is Great!”. Yet another martyr to be “celebrated” by the desperate people of the Gaza strip.

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