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January 08, 2007

Far–right to form EU caucus

With the inclusion of Romania to the Eurpean Union this month, 5 new far-right MEPs will join the European Parliament. These will almost certainly form with a current far-right group of neo-fascists and Holocaust deniers to propel them over the 19 MEPs needed to form a ‘causcus’. This means, among other things, a higher level of EU funding.

The group includes such wholesome figures as Dimitar Stoyanov of Bulgaria, who apparantly knows where one can find a ‘high-quality’ “loving [Gypsy] wife aged 12 or 13” for a mear 5,000 Euros. Also, we have Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of her famous namesake, who says of fascism, “[it’s] better than being a faggot”. Well, naturally..

September 27, 2006

Romania and Bulgaria given the EU nod

Yesterday the European Commision paved the way for the former Warsaw pact states of Bulgaria and Romania to become fully paid up members of the EU on the 1st January 2007. However, underneath the fanfare, the Commision has imposed tougher restrictions than ever before to force the would-be member states to fight corruption and reform their criminal justice system.

The problem is particularly acute in Bulgaria, which the report that was published paticularly singled out, stating, “insufficient progress had been made to tackle corruption and organised crime”. If progress has not been made in both countries by March, “safeguards” are in place to allow member states to completely ignore court rulings and warrants from both countries.

The question of whether to fully open up labour markets to the new countries remains open, and is to be decided by the current 25 member states. No doubt Britain will impose even harsher restrictions than on the 2004 entrants, simply because of the current political climate. Time and again we here report of the 342,000 eastern europeans registered to work after the expansion. What is not said is that is is believed half of these have already gone home by now.

A final interesting point to go along with all this is that the Nice treaty of 2000 had in the fine print that there MUST be another negociated pact if the number of member states exceed 27. The number of members after 1st January: 27. This brings the failed EU constitution right back onto the agenda. No doubt Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, being very pro-constitution, will attempt to push the issue even harder when Germany takes over the presidency on…you guessed it, 1st January 2007.

It should be an interesting year in Europe.

July 13, 2006

Conservatives leave European People’s Party Parliamentary Group

I got an e–mail from David Cameron's people today, the text of which is as follows:

"David Cameron today fulfilled his pledge to withdraw the Conservative Party from the European People’s Party (EPP) Parliamentary Group and form a new group in the European Parliament.

Today he will sign an agreement to form the new group with the Czech Prime Minister–designate and leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Mr Topolanek. At Mr Topolanek’s explicit request, the new group will be formed at the beginning of the next European Parliament in 2009.

In addition, the Conservative Party and the ODS will immediately establish a new Movement for European Reform, which will campaign to tackle the challenges that Europe faces. Other political parties which share our objectives, and are dedicated to our ideals of a more open, modern, flexible and decentralised European Union, will be welcome to join the new movement".

June 16, 2006

EU enlargement!

one of the few articles which states that sometimes it is the public that is wrong, not the politicians!


June 01, 2006


Writing about web page

The BBC is reporting that “a political party with a paedophile agenda has been registered in The Netherlands, prompting outrage among many parts of society”. Basically they want the legal age of sex to be reduced from 16 to 12, partly because they “want to break the "negative" stigma surrounding paedophilia by getting into parliament”, other notable claims that they make include that “they want paedophilia to be freely discussed, arguing that a ban just makes children curious.” I wasn't aware children were curious about getting abused… They also want to have free rail travel right across the country – it almost seems reasonable by comparison.

One worrying thing about the whole thing though is that “MPs say they will ask the government to do something to stop the new party” – can it ever be right to stop a political party? Even one with goals like this… they won't get into office if people don't agree (which they won't); so as long as the people in the party aren't active paedophiles; is this party a problem?

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