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May 31, 2006

Won't somebody think of the children!!!

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I found this page as I was wondering round the internet and thought that it deserved being put up. Fox is running a story about how the evil PSP is practically FORCING our dear, sweet, innocent children to look at porn. I know – moral outrage all around. I've never heard of "the internet" before so I was glad that they helped me understand that children can:

"use [the PSP] to capture pornographic images out of thin air"

I better not be breathing this air. Still at least someone is taking charge, one no good punk (a child of 14 years) took this depraved filth into school!!! still, the intrepid local authorities were on hand to safe guard the children:

" Last month a 14–year old boy in Bismark, North Dakota got caught bringing porn into school on his PSP. The local authorities decided to make an example of the boy and charged him with a felony."

Yep, the highest category of offense. And I say good – if they didn't do this the parents might have had to sit down with their child and explain to him why his behavior wasn't appropriate and maybe even discipline him themselves!

Israeli scientists dicover ancient ecosystem

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A group of scientist in Israel have found an eco–system which dates back millions of years. Inside they have found 8 previously unknown species. It turns out the cave was sealed off completely from the outside world. It is certainly an interesting discovery… this could well be the closest thing we ever get to real dinosaurs in our lifetime (unless we get DNA out of amber or minerals – I've got some if anyone knows how to extract it…)

It is a bit of a worry that there might be bacteria in there which we have had no experience with so our immune system won't be able to handle it… just a thought. And the reverse is also true – these creatures might not last very long now. closed down this morning

According to Indymedia UK, and backed up by a visit to The Pirate Bay, the swedish based offices of the BitTorrent hosting site have been raided this morning.

To say it's a massive turning point in illegal internet sharing is somewhat of an understatement.

On the bright side (or dark side, depending on your point of view) the owners have promised to relocate in order to get round the law…again..

Read the story here.

Al Gore, talking sense. Naturally some in the US disagree..

There's an interview with Al Gore in the Guardian today, which I confess I haven't read. Instead I saw the cover story concerning it.

In it, it seems that Al Gore, contrary to popular belief, and indeed contrary to himself in 2000, is quite passionate. Many of you will probably know of the film he is releasing about climate change, 'An Inconvenient Truth' (here's the trailer ).

Alas, for all his good work, he's gonna be up against it as the right–wing 'crazies' start mobalizing against him. According to the Guardian article, "A series of television advertisements, launched by a thinktank called the Competitive Enterprise Institute, argue that carbon dioxide emissions are a sign of American productivity and progress."

Hmmm, if any of you find these adverts, you might want to post them here. They could be quite good for a bit of black humour.

Edit: I actually found them quite's the best one:
"Carbon Dioxide: They call it pollution, we call it Life" High Low

There's a couple more, which can be found here.

May 30, 2006

Controversy and 911

I watched this film the other day on the recommendation of Scott. The basic idea is that 911 was planned by, and carried out by, the American government. The guy makes some compelling arguments but for me the most interesting thing was to see all the people who were in the building at the time talking about all the smaller explosions inside the WTC from the lower floors and how the destruction looked, sounded like and acted like a controlled demolition. It does certainly make you feel like it was planned from the inside at the highest levels.

It's worth pointing out that I have read testimony from people who were at the pentagon on the day who said that it smelt like airplane fuel… I guess it's up to you and who you believe.

The film is over an hour long but it is well worth watching it. You can download it from google videos; just click the download button on the right side of the page. see link below: link.

Amnesty's new campaign.

Writing about web page

Ah, my first post here; I was almost temped to go with a post–troll. Instead I'm going with Amnesty International (which might be tantamount to the same thing). Amnesty is launching a campaign aimed at highlighting the way repressive governments use control of the Internet to control their citizens. The obvious example here is China, who have been using the latest spy tech and good ol' fashioned repression in person to keep people from discussing anything dangerous (that means “democracy” or “what happened at Tienanmen square?”). The most scary thing about China is how effective they've been being at it. Hackers are good at what they do but for the most part the government is wining.

One thing which is good to see on their website which has been set up as part of this effort ( is that they mention the man who was arrested after “yahoo!” handed over information on which evil decenter was discussing democracy (how dear he do so on a yahoo account)... he's now spending 10 years at the pleasure of the Chinese government.

Well, they are getting together a petition, as they do, which will be given to the UN. This will do absolutely nothing. Still, if it can raise awareness then at least we can… well… do nothing. Simple facts of the matter is that we can't do anything to stop China doing this to its people – neither can our government. The security council countries just need to keep in each others good books too much; so trying to change their domestic politics is out… I don't want to sound cynical but our government won't do anything about this for the same reason they didn't ask China to put more pressure on in the latest talks about Sudan (where they carry a lot of influence) – we're saving up all the good will just in case we want to go after Iran – and we'll need the Chinese support (or at least acquiescence) for that one.

Oh well, just my take on it.

Never mind George, you're only breaking laws passed by a representative government anyhow..

This may in fact be old news, and I may in fact be overusing the blog on its first day, but hey, I'm nothing if not enthusiastic.

According to the Boston Globe, Bush has quietly asserted his right to breach more than 750 laws as commander–in–cheif of the military..

Hmmm, well probably just small bureaucratic laws to streamline the administration. Slightly worrying, but nothing to get our knickers in a twist…

Alas, no. Included is the law passed that bans torture. That's right! In one of these presidential "signing statements", George declared that he personally can order torture if he "believes" it will prevent a terrorist attack or in order to protect that bland notion of national security.

The article says the president has not vetoed any bill that has passed through congress, but instead has lavish signing ceremonies and heaps praise onto whoever wrote it. And then,...

"after the media and the lawmakers have left the White House, Bush quietly files ''signing statements" — official documents in which a president lays out his legal interpretation of a bill for the federal bureaucracy to follow when implementing the new law."

Examples of these "signing statements" can be found here

One example caught my eye:

March 9: Justice Department officials must give reports to Congress by certain dates on how the FBI is using the USA Patriot Act to search homes and secretly seize papers.

Bush's signing statement: The president can order Justice Department officials to withhold any information from Congress if he decides it could impair national security or executive branch operations.

If anything you've got to admire the audacity.

Comedian at White House Dinner Gala crucifying Bush in his own way


enjoy! one of the funniest speeches!


Writing about web page

Here's a link to a (pretty long) documentary on google, about the failed coup in Venezuela in 2002.

The interesting thing is that it started as just a documentary simply on Hugo Chavez and his 'Bolivar' revolution. The result is fantastic access to the presidential palace, where the film makers are present throughout the mililary threat, the arrest of Chavez, the installation of the new 'government' and the subsequant return of Chavez (to the cheers of his adoring public).

However, the main point of this film is suggested in the title. It is about the manipulation of the event by the privately owned media companies. The filmakers have the somewhat unique perspective of actually being there, and at the same time showing what was being televised at the time. The contradictions are unbelievable..

Whatever you think about the CIA's involvement, which the film picks up on throughout, the warnings it gives of corporate media, and its supporting of the powerful minority interests, makes the film very worthwhile to watch.

Here's the film in 4 parts if you can't watch the whole thing in one:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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