June 04, 2006

5D cubes? Lets play!

Writing about web page http://www.gravitation3d.com/magiccube5d/

OK, so the extent to which this is an “international current affair” is debatable… I think it is certainly a “The” but I'm not sure about the rest… Anywho, if your getting down with exams, or you've finished them and are bored; I've got the perfect puzzle for you… The 5D Rubik cube; like a tesserac (i think that's the right spelling) only harder, and in different colours.

Basically, with you standard Rubik cube there is 432 520 032 274 489 856 000 unique permutations. With the 5D “cube” there are apparently 8.2×10700 unique permutations... (which is 7 Google's – a Google being 1.0 x 10100; just if you wanted to know). It is technically possible though – 3 people have solved it... you can get it from the website above (I've not tried because it requires .Net – but the 4D version with its 1.3 x 10334 unique permutations is available for Java as well as an RPM and .tar.gz)

If anyone does either you can post here to brag… and if you fail your exams because you've been playing too much… don't blame me.

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  1. That's mental…

    (btw, edited your post to fix the superscripts..)

    05 Jun 2006, 10:40

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