July 02, 2015

Not A Private Knowledge

Many employees can consider their knowledge and practices as individual assets. This can discourage them from sharing their knowledge and experiences. However, if the company offers safe environment that encourage employees to try, discover and innovate, then they do not share their experiences, what would be the benefits? How everyone benefits from the safe environment?

All the individual knowledge and practices could disappear anytime as employees are not encouraged to share that. Anytime employees can just leave the job and carry the private knowledge they acquired. Therefore, what are the company`s benefits of that?

In short, there must be recognition and encouragement for knowledge management, otherwise it would be only private knowledge leave the company whenever the employee leaves.

July 01, 2015

Cultural Change toward Knowledge Sharing

It can take longer time for employees to practice knowledge sharing as it did not exist before in their organisation. Some of them could refuse it at the beginning unless it is well communicated to them with its needs and benefits. This change of culture needs to be supported by various enablers and the main of them is management commitment.

Imagine if managers of the organisation start to recognise employees for such practices. What can happen if employees are encouraged to share their knowledge? What can happen if the purpose and benefits of knowledge sharing is effectively communicated to employee? What could be the outcomes if managers themselves started to share knowledge?

I believe that all of these efforts would support to change employee`s perception about knowledge sharing and would help to establish an effective working environment based on communication and collaboration.

In short, management commitment toward knowledge sharing is a main enabler to support in this cultural change.

June 29, 2015

Mistakes to Generate Knowledge

It says that "failure is success if you learn from it and avoid mistakes".

I strongly agree with this, because any failure experience can support through the reflection on the happenings and learn from that. However, many employees do not support that, they feel those mistakes can lead to loses. At the same time they do not recognize that these mistakes can support in generating knowledge and learnings. That can be followed by knowledge and practices sharing where other employees would not do the same mistakes and can build in that experience to success.

The main point here is, if employees do not encouraged to try new things and make mistakes, what would they be able to share with other?

Definitely offering safe environment can support in trying new things which lead to new experiences and knowledge.

June 26, 2015

Technology for KM

Technology become part of our daily life and it helps people to be connected faster and easier. It can play an important role in knowledge management by easier access to knowledge with less time and effort. However, offering the effective technology is not the key enabler of knowledge management. Companies can invest huge amount in technology but that would not be effective unless there is a commitment toward this practices. In my point of view, I think leadership commitment, collaboration, training, communication and motivation are more important than technological investment for KM. That is because without such practices technology would not support in achieving targeted results.

In short, technology can be an important facilitator for KM, however other enablers can play better role in enhancing this practices.

June 24, 2015

Environmental Management

Many organisations practise environmental activities which lead to minimize negative impact on environment. However, some companies do that because they believe is this responsibility as a core value of the organisation to protect environment and support the community. On the other hand, some companies do that as strategic focus, they aim to increase competitive advantage and create an effective image in the community. They believe by doing this environmental activities they can attract more customers with great reputation.

I think the companies who practise environmental activities for competitive advantage can stop doing that when they achieve the demanded market share, or when they achieve their goals. Therefore, in my point of view, it is highly important to create an awareness on environmental management so employees recognise its necessity and make it daily life habits.

June 22, 2015

Individual Private Knowledge

Many employees can feel that the knowledge they have is a private knowledge which no supposed to be shared. That is because this knowledge is an advantage supports in offering great performance.


what if that employee increase their knowledge?

what if this employee can expand current knowledge?

what if this employee can get most updated knowledge?

That can be easily reached when everyone share his/her knowledge and become more willing to communicate and discuss ideas. That would support employees not to hold current available knowledge, but support that with more knowledge and maybe practices from other employees.

In such cases, management must play a crucial role in encouraging employees to share knowledge and recognise such practices.

Office Layout for Knowledge Sharing

Its highly needed for companies to facilitate knowledge sharing between employees which eventually can assist in the asset management. One of the interesting practices that can support for KM is the office layout. It can be an effective facilitator to encourage knowledge sharing between employees where they easily can discuss and communicate. Therefore, instead of being independent in separate offices, working in an effective office layout that support to meet and discuss informally can assist in knowledge management. That as well can establish strong relationship between employees and encourage them to look beyond their interest.

This open offices can encourage employees to share their ideas and discuss opinions on performance improvement. All of this eventually can contribute to improve performance.

June 10, 2015

Selection of Asset Management Type in PMA

As I`m working on KBAM PMA, I think the main thing that can support in making good progress in the PMA is immediate selection of the asset management topic. Once we are aware of the selected topic it become easier to make progress, otherwise it can take longer to decide which type of asset management to select.

I think the best ways of selection could be two. First the topic the you are interested in and which you feel can assists in gaining new knowledge might be supportive for you. The other one is the type maybe you worked in throughout the in module project and you already have understanding of this type.

Immediate selection of the type of asset management saves lots of time and give direct involvement and focus to the PMA.

June 03, 2015

Collaboration for Effective KM & AM

Knowledge and asset management are valuable keys of company’s competitive advantage. However, both need to be effectively utilised to get best of them. In my point of view, collaboration in the companies in very basic enabler of KM and AM. It is the collaboration between management and employees on one side and employees themselves in the other side. It needs the culture where employees think beyond their self-interest where they consider company’s success as first priority. That can be built through mutual collaboration between management and employees, where management offers that environment which facilitates collaboration between departments and share of various practices.

Through collaboration employees will be willing to share practices and more supportive to other colleagues. That will overcome the difficulties of hiding knowledge and would establish the environment that appreciate teamwork and collaboration.

June 02, 2015

Culture of Knowledge Sharing

Organisational culture of any organisation can effectively impact its performance and employee`s contribution. In knowledge management aspect, the culture of knowledge sharing must be appreciated form different managerial levels. That would emphasize its importance in employee`s perception. Additionally, I always believe that managers of the organisation must be role models for their employees and practise effectively knowledge sharing. Doing that, can encourage employees to do as well. On the other hand, in my point of view, employees would not be willing to share their knowledge and experience unless they feel its appreciated by management and practised as well.

Through knowledge sharing it would be easier for new employees to understand process and be involved in daily tasks. However, it can take longer if knowledge sharing is not practiced. The new employee as well can easily share his/her previous experiences when knowledge sharing culture is practised, but he/she will take longer time to change behaviour toward knowledge sharing if it not practised from beginning.

I strongly believe that, knowledge sharing is a key source of company`s competitive advantage, but to which extent do they recognise that.?!

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