January 15, 2005

It just goes to show

Well, as you can see, I did get bored of this very quickly. I'm now revisiting here because I have a coursework deadline looming and therefore it is my duty as a student to procrastinate and end up pulling an allnighter.

It's just irritating because im doing a programming assignment in prolog and ive finished it, it just doesnt work! Instead of printing out all all the working its supposed to do, it just prints 'No'. though in that way its actually kind of amusing.

Right, back to procrastinating!

September 28, 2004

First day


This is my first ever blog post, I'll probably get bored within a few days and stop blogging, so enjoy it while you can!

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Ian Norris, as you may have guessed. I am a 2nd year CS student living in Earlsdon, and an involved member of CompSoc where I am known as icStatic. I run a small website and work on contract for an IT support company as a Systems Analyst (Programming basically – but Systems Analyst sounds way cooler!). You can see samples of my other works on my site. Anyway….

So today was my first day of getting up very early, didn't really know how long it would take to get to campus, so ended up getting there an hour early. Should probably have gone to bed earlier too, since Logic for CS is not really the sort of module which is going to wake you up…

So, first lecture, then straight back home to wait for some packages to arrive. It's a known rule that delivery companies wait until you are out to come on delivery runs. Aka 'Sods Law'. Just have to wait and see if the stuff arrives really.

A shopping trip is in order today, as none of my house mates have enough food. Then I guess I'll see some friends and actually cook a meal today, I've eaten out for the last 5 days for various reasons. I guess thats fine until I run out of money and have to live on a can of bakebeans a day. Praise the student loans company. We must bow down to them and praise their name!

Yesterday I decided I was going to do a night course in Japanese as it looks quite cool (but very hard, languages never were my strong point).

Other news? Broadband has been ordered, and the BT line has been installed (eventually [it didnt work at first, we had to poke them into fixing it]). So finally we should be able to get off this REALLY REALLY awful PLU broaband connection. (Sorry ITS but it REALLY does suck). Ian's tip to freshers looking for housing next year - stay away from houses that say 'Broadband included in rent' - no, really, its not a good deal!

I've also planned to 'mod' my PC case. I'm planning to spray paint it blue and make it so its almost mirror like – of course that means anyone who scratches it after ive done it will not be in my good books for quite some time.

Anyway, spent enough time on this for now. More details to follow!

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