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July 22, 2006

…and another thing that annoys me….

…are those friends (usually, but not always, girls) who insist on dressing the same as one another. Just today I spied (with my little eye) two friends in near matching white vest and denim skirts.

Why? Are the so insecure about the state of their friendship that they have to so obviously copy each other to try and convince themselves that they have things in common (such as dress sense)?

It was just like when, a few years back, almost every girl in Bolton owned one of those anorak things with the furry, dangly balls. Which were hilarious to watch when two friends invariably got theirs tangled togther!

April 14, 2006

Interesting Statistic

Today at work I noticed that the results of this year's Viewpoint survey (basically a 'What do you think of Tesco' survey for their employees), and noticed amongst the list of 'What's Good':

68.7% Feel like they are respected at work.

The percentage may not be exactly right, but it was around that area. But anyway, to me that doesn't seem that good. To me, that says that over 3 in 10 people don't feel respected in the store, which basically means that 3 in 10 are made to feel either feel like they are bullied, under appreciated or unimportant in the company. Which surely isn't good.

And trust me, that has happened to me in my time, although thankfully the 2 (by far the) worst culprites for it (out of not very many, to be fair – no names named) left last year.

March 12, 2006

Do Virgin Trains Care About Revenue Protection?


Yes, thank you, I got home safely last night, and the journey was pleasant, with everything running on time (partly due to a load of slack in the timetable – the train was 5 mins early arriving in Coventry, plus we were at Birmingham New Street for nearly 15 minutes – but that's another story!)

The point of this entry is to highlight what I feel to be major deficiencies in Virgin Trains' fare collection policy. Of all the occasions that I've travelled on their trains in the last year or so (admittedly, I don't use them very often) I can only recall having my ticket checked on board the train on a couple of occasions. Last night, with the exception of the ticket gates at Coventry station (which are easy to get around), my ticket wasn't checked at all during the journey. I'm slightly irritated that there will have undoubtedly been people on the train who intentionally won't have paid their fares, and ended up with a free ride (at mine and other fare-paying customers expense) as a result.

Why should I pay my fare, when other people chearly don't want to and get away with it scot free? Virgin are clearly the worst TOC, when it comes to this issue (Central Trains, for example, are much better, with several ticket-collecting staff on many of their trains).

To make matters worse, and which frankly I found quite shocking, was that during the journey, when I went to get food from the on-board shop, I passed the conductor's (sorry, they're called 'Train Managers' now) office thing, which has a see through door. Through this I spotted the conductor sat, headphones in ears, watching his portable DVD player! And it wasn't as if he was taking a break, we had just left Birmingham New Street at the time, which was surely the optimal time for checking tickets, with a load of passengers having joined the train there. Plus, when he made announcements, he clearly didn't sound bothered at all, with a very monotone voice, and only a few stations actually got running in/welcome aboard announcements. It seems quite worrying in a way that the person who is partly responsible for the smooth and safe operation of the train isn't motivated or even willing to do the activities that he is paid to do.

Having said this, Virgin have worked wonders on the West Coast and Cross Country routes in my opinion, with vast investments in new trains (admittedly, at the leasing companies expense, not Virgin's), and punctuality and reliability are ever-improving. But why waste all this effort with poor customer service and missing opportunites to maximise collection of unpaid fares?

Any other opinions on this subject?

March 09, 2006

Even Less of a convincing hoax

Follow-up to The Least Convincing Hoax Ever from Ian Henderson's Warwick Blogs Adventure

Just recieved another version of this e-mail, which links to this page on the BBC website, which seems to confirm the story.

However, people seem to have failed to notice that the article is dated Sunday 25th February 2001, so I think the plan may have been dropped some time ago!

March 08, 2006

The Least Convincing Hoax Ever

Just recieved this chain e-mail, which, to be fair, was sent under the subject 'So i'm well bored of these threats but sending on anyway'.

Hey it is Andy and john the directors of MSN, sorry for the
interruption but msn is closing down. this is because too many inconsiderate
people are
taking up all the names (eg making up lots of different accounts for just
one person), we only have 578 names left. If you would like to close your
account, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON. If you would like to keep your
joke, we will be shutting down the servers. Send it on, thanks. WHOEVER DOES

I think it speaks for itself

February 12, 2006

Strictly Come Ski Jumping, anyone?

Follow-up to Strictly–Come–Ice–Skating–Fever? from Ian Henderson's Warwick Blogs Adventure

Just had an idea for a Strictly Come Dancing spin-off, with a little inspiration from the winter olympics. How about Strictly Come Ski Jumping? Award marks based on 'style' (i.e. things such as good landings and what have you – just as they do in the real winter olympics) and also on the distance jumped.

Come on, it'd be so easy and brainless to do, and I'm sure it wouldn't be so easy to find 4 big-headed ski jumpers to judge and voice their opinions. And get Sue Barker and Roger Black or someone like that to host it.

Remember – you heard it here first, and if the BBC or anyone else comes up with this, I'll assume they stole my idea….

February 06, 2006

Guestbook Spam

Just recieved this post into my old Geocities guestbook, copied and pasted for your enjoyment:

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I just love reading these. Why do websites think that by getting some computer program to enter meaningless rubbish into guestbooks, forums and so on, think that they are going to gain extra customers to their websites? All it does is annoy people by intruding on their personal websites. Also, these posts from 'Zabba' and 'Baksi' are taken from Darkerlink's Thoughts Index :

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Interesting that these are in the section of the forum entitled 'Who is your Favourite Tales of Symphonia Character.' Mind you, its probably going just about as off topic as the rest of the forum does (read it to see what I mean!)

January 29, 2006


Am I the only person who is absolutely sick to the back teeth of endless spin-offs and rip-offs of Strictly Come Dancing? OK, well done to the BBC for making Strictly Come Dancing a popular and successful series, but is there really any need to create as many spin-offs as humanly possible from it?

How long will it before we see Strictly Breakdancing? Or Strictly Just Prancing (about)?

Or is it neccessary to end one series, only for it to be replaced just a few weeks later by another one? Before long, there'll probably be nothing else but Strictly Come Dancing on the TV! Actually, true, that would be a bit of an extreme scenario…

And this strange phenomenon that exists where the format of Strictly Come Dancing needs to be copied almost exactly by other programmes (i.e. Strictly Dance Fever (arrrrghhh, that's even got 'Strictly' in the title, possibly making it the least subtle rip-off of anything ever, with the possible exception of a restaurant in Bolton town centre called 'Kingburger') and ITV's new 'Dancing on Ice'.) Just take the following ingredients:-

1. Charismatic male host in suit
2. Female host who only exists just to interview the contestants and smile alot (and be subject to the flirtations and humour of the male host)
3. 4 (or 5) judges with egos bigger than their bank balances.
4. At least one 'relationship' between dance partners.
5. Split the vote 50:50 between judges and people at home who enjoy dialling premium rate phone lines/texting premium rate numbers, and casting insignificant, useless votes.
6. Male dancers who like showing off their chests

Mix all these well, and you've got your generic dancing-related gameshow.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the moral of this entry is 'I don't like SCD or any of its rip/spin offs.' And that's enough ranting on this for one lifetime on this subject.


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