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July 03, 2006

Name Change

Don't worry – not my name, just the blog's name.

Finally realised it's old name was abit rubbish, so changed it to this new Dave Gorman–inspired one.

July 01, 2006

Into the holidays in earnest

Ah, the holidays seem to have started in earnest now, especially now that I've completed 3 evenings at Tesco. I'm back on my old stock control job, which is novel at the moment as it's changed a little since I last did it, and I get a bit of variety as I usually end up doing something else during the course of the evening. However, I'm expecting the rest of my 3 months working there to put paid to the remaining pleasure I find in doing the job.

In other news, well, what news there is, I spent 2 days last week (Tuesday and Friday) in waiting for our Chilli Peppers tickets to arrive (I'm off seeing them in Sheffield with John next week), only for them to not turn up. On Tuesday, they attempted to send them to my Uni address (despite me being convinced that I put the delivery address as my home address), but, as they couldn't be accepted at Uni, they took them back to their depot. After ringing them about it, they said they'd be delivered on Friday, but then changed it to Monday without bothering to tell me. So now I have to stay in on Monday too. So hopefully they should be here then. The key word being 'hopefully'.

Also, I got to see my girlfriend again on Wednesday, which was lovely (I know she reads this, so Hello Lucy!) and we watched the Da Vinci Code. I thought it was pretty good, although I saw the revelation at the end coming a mile off. However, I also expected them to get it on at the emd, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Oh well, win some, lose some, I guess!

And, of course, I watched England today. It was ironic to see England play so flipping well, despite not having the supposedly essential Beckham and Rooney. I thought Rooney could've possobly got away with a Yellow if he hadn't decided to push Ronaldo out of the way (he wasn't being quite the same pillock as Beckham was in 1998). I thought Lennon and Hargreaves were particularly good. As you can see I'm not much of a football pundit!

Anyway, plans for next week include going bowling with my ex–schoolfriends, and going to Sheffield to see the Chillis, both of which should be good fun!

Bye for now!

June 22, 2006


And the fruit of my labour this year is…..

A First! Woohoo!

73.83% overall, which I'm pretty darn pleased with!

Just need to keep it up now…..

June 10, 2006

My first free week

Well, that's my first week free of exam/work worries for a long time! I'm glad the weather's been nice (not chucking it down like it did as soon as I'd finished my A–Levels!), and I've had a really nice chilling out week, which I was probably in need of (and have been for quite some time now, methinks!).

Anyway, been off on a few spontaneous jaunts this week, such as Birmingham and Milton Keynes (on the grounds I've not been to the latter before), and just today went to London with John.

We had a really nice day, starting off with a trip on the London Eye (which I never realised was quite as high as it is – with an excellent view thanks to the clear weather. I even called my Mum from the very top!). Then after that (and a drink, as the capsules were like mini greenhouses!) we continued to the Tower of London and walked across Tower Bridge, then along the Thames to the Millennium Bridge (we couldn't not after the Differential Equations worksheet question about it!). Then we went over to the Diana memorial in Hyde Park, where we sat and refreshed our feet in the lovely cold water, before continuing over to Marble Arch and down Oxford Street, stopping in a few shops along the way, including the HMV where Feeder played, and the Topshop featured on the Apprentice! After this we headed back to Victoria to have some tea (I had a Subway Melt with 'double meat' – which is ALOT of meat!), then get the bus back. Anyway, when I get the photos from John, I'll upload them to my Fotopic site. It was absolutely sweltering in London though, and any excuse for shade/refreshment was taken!

Also, on Thursday evening, I had a very pleasant game of Go with Nikki on the grass behind Claycroft 2 (in a nice shaded area). Apparently I'm getting better, although I've still yet to beat her (although I'm determined that I will do it one day!). Nevertheless, playing Go on a proper board with proper stones outside in the summer time beats attempting to play it on a scrap of paper in a Mechanics lecture as we originally did!

Anyway, I'm knackared after todays expedition, so I may go to bed fairly soon.

Bye for now!

June 05, 2006

J'ai fini!!!!!

And lo, the first year of my degree is over! My last exam (Number Theory) was this morning, and that'll be the last time I'll have to think about 'serious' Mathematics until the beginning of October. I'll just have to hope I don't forget too much by then! I suppose it can't be as bad as last summer, when, come starting here in September, I couldn't even remember some basic integration/differentiation!

I'd say that all of my exams went a least OK, and, touchwood, I have hopefully passed them all. There's none I'm particularly worried about anyway.

Anyway, I'm not going home until the very end of term, so between now and then all be doing some travelling (including going to London on Saturday with John on the wonderful Megabus ), some shopping trips to spend what money I have left (OK, not that frivolously!), plus the end of term comedy event. Oh, and lets not forget consuming the remains of our flat's alcohol supply…..

I can't believe that the first year is over already! It seems moments ago that we were all arriving for the first time, getting to know all these new people, and of course our lovely week 1 test! Next thing I know we'll be graduating!

June 01, 2006

So how's it goin' Ian?

Not too bad now you ask. So far I've had Probability, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Analysis and Geometry and Motion. I'd say that Differential Equations and Linear Algebra went pretty well, whilst Analysis, Probability and G&M went OK. At least all of my nastiest exams are over now, and I've got Introduction to Geometry tomorrow and Number Theory on Monday, both of which shouldn't be too bad. I'm just enjoying the (excuse the cliche) 'Light at the end of the tunnel' feeling, which is only superseded by the 'Out of the tunnel and enjoying the start of my summer holidays' feeling!

The first year's so very nearly over, sniff….

Heck I may even get round to tidying the papers up in my room!

May 24, 2006

And they're off….

Well, at 09:30 tomorrow, my exams will be starting in earnest with Probability A/B. Despite my earlier worries, I'm now fairly confident with most of the material, so, touchwood, things should be OK for tomorrow morning. I've had a complete day of probability revision today, so now I'm sick to the back teeth of it, and can barely think of anything but the subject. I'm just praying I don't forget it all again overnight!

I was quite pleasantly surprised how everything seemed fresh in my mind after doing next to no revision between Friday and Tuesday afternoons, due to going home and Top Gear being on and what have you. Top Gear is just the best!

I just can't wait until 12 days from now, when all my first year exams will be over, and then I can start to enjoy my summer holiday! Which does mean working at Tesco, but this a small price to pay for not having to worry about Analysis et al. I still cant believe I'll be having nearly 4 whole months off! I remember when 6 weeks seemed like a long time!

Oh well, I won't get too excited just yet, seeing as I've got 7 oh so lovely exams to keep me entertained between now and then.

Au Revoir!

May 16, 2006

Revision, Revision, Revision…..

It seems like every day is the same nowadays. Just wake up, do some revision, maybe go to a lecture/supervision or something, come back, do more revision, eat tea, a little more revision, get bored, then get distracted by t'internet until bed time. Oh well – 3 weeks and it'll all be over for year number 1…..

I'm just bored senseless by being in my room nearly all the time. I could be doing revision now, but I just feel 'revision–ed out' right now. Although I might get down to some Analysis in a little bit, and maybe some probability as well. If I feel like it.

At least going home between Sunday and Tuesday will probvide some restbite – albeit for a funeral, which might be quite a hard day.

May 11, 2006

My Life at the Moment

Hello all!

Haven't blogged for a little while, so I'd best do some catching up!
Sadly, my Great Auntie died yesterday morning. I'm probably closer to her than most people are to their Great Aunties/Uncles, because throughout my life she has in a way (maybe not intentionally, but this is how I saw it) acted as my surrogate Grandma, as all my actual grandparents died before I was born. I'm coping pretty well, but I'm sure I'm going to miss her. I'm going to go home for her funeral whenever it's arranged, within the next couple of weeks.

Apart from this blip, I've been feeling pretty great recently. Part of this is probably down to the nice weather and not having to get up for 9 o' clock lectures every morning, but I'm starting to really enjoy being at Uni. I don't know what exactly it is, but I just seem happier now than possibly I've ever been since I started all those months ago in September. I'm not saying this to show off or to try and get in peoples' good books, but I think having really great friends is also helping. I know they look out for me, which I'm grateful for, and, in turn, I look out for them too. All–in–all, I've been in a pretty awesome mood of late!

My revision's not going too badly, and I think I've categorised my set of exams into the following subsets:

I just about understand most bits and shouldn't have too much of a problem with
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Geometry and Motion
Number Theory (what I've done so far, at least!)

Bits I get, bits I don't get
Analysis II
Introduction to Geomety

Still don't have much of a chuffing clue how the solutions come about
Probability A/B

I could aid my revision by finding which of these sets/subsets form groups/subgroups, but I don't think it would work. For instance, I don't know what the inverse of Analysis II is….

Oh, and our Kitchen's TV (i.e. my TV) is broke, so that's more expense. It's worked perfectly for over a decade, then decides to end it all 2 hours before the final of the Apprentice. I mean, come on, of all the times it could have broke, why then? Aaaaarrrgggghhhh! Thankfully Matt came to the rescue with his TV which we were (read: I was) panic tuning in at 9 last night. Thankfully we found BB2 on it just as the opening credits were playing. There was kitchen–wide relief at that moment in time. I won't write who won in the end, as some people complained when I did that last time!

I think that'll be all for now. Adios!

May 03, 2006

Summer's Here!

Finally, we're getting some nice weather, and as I result, my currently excellent mood continues unabated. And tomorrow, we're in for a 24–degree day – truly the first hot day of the year.

I would go for another walk tonight, but I've got some work that really needs doing (still half a number theory workbook to do, plus some experimental maths) and, more importantly, The Apprentice is on. It should be even better than usual this week seeing as Syed got fired last week, which made me very happy. Particularly as he thought a great activity on a Cruise ship would be to hit golf balls into the sea.

Oh, and while I'm here I must tell you about The Reckless Moment which is a comedy night held every Monday in Robbin's Well, Leamington. It's only a quid to get in, and they have a fine selection of mainly local comedians performing every Monday, plus 'Pete the Meat'. I recommend you go check it out if you get chance, as last Monday's was pretty good, although I had to leave before the end to get the last bus, due to the fact that a Sunday service was running.

Anyway, back to Maths…..

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