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September 28, 2006

New Warwick Comedy Society Website

OK, I’ll level with you – the only reason this entry exists is to provide a shameless plug for the new Warwick University Comedy Society website.

That’s all, but if you’ve read this, you might as well have a look anyway – I would if I were you….

September 23, 2006

Summer's Gone

What? Three months up already?! Apparently so…

Well, it’s off back to Cov tomorrow with the remainder of my stuff. To be honest, I’m kind of glad to be going back, as being at home, while having all the benefits of having washing, ironing etc done for me, it’s kind of all gone a little boring, and I’ll be glad to get back to some work again, and to see everyone at uni.

One big thing that’ll I’ll miss back at uni, however, is Janet, our domestic assistant from Claycroft. I don’t think we could have had a better one than we did, and it’s gonna be such a huge change to have to do everything OURSELVES now! I suppose I should learn to lift a finger from time to time though!

Oh, and this time, we’ve got my Xbox and my Dreamcast in the house. As I haven’t played on the latter for aeons, I doubt my housemates’ll be able to prise me away from the TV….

September 16, 2006

5 hours in Spain!

I’ve just returned from a rather nice mini-cruise of P&O’s M.V. Pride of Bilbao ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao in back.

After travelling down on the train last Saturday, we spent Sunday visiting the lovely Gunwharf Quays outlet centre on the Portsmouth waterfront, taking in a boat tour of the harbour while we were there. That took in the Naval Base (where my Dad was stationed when he was in the Navy), which is absolutely massive, and we saw plenty of warships while we were there, and the marinas at Gosport. I was surpised how busy the whole port area is, with multiple cross-Channel and Isle of Wight ferry services, naval activity and private yauchts all using the harbour area.

Anyway, that night we set sail and enjoyed the ships facilities during the crossing. The restaurants on board were nice, and we watched the Da Vinci code in the on-board cinema (which my Mum mangaged to fall asleep in – until I nudged her!). During the daylight hours on the ‘day at sea’, I took on some wildlife spotting on the deck, and I saw the top of a fin whale, which was quite a sight!

We arrived in Bilbao early on Tuesday morning, and, as we only have 5 hours in port, 4 tours were laid on for the mini-cruise passengers. We chose the ‘Old and New Bilbao’ tour which encompassed a brief coach tour of the new part of the city, followed by a walking tour of the old town – which was interesting. Then, after the complimentary coffee and cake in a cafe, it was off back to the port and the homeward leg – my briefest visit to Spain ever!

On the return, I saw more wildlife in the Bay of Biscay, with the sighting of 2 more wales, as they surfaced to breathe, and the spray from their blow-holes was breathtaking.

Our arrival back into Pompey had the added excitement of a Police escort, which we were later told was due to some sort of security alert or something, but in the end nothing came of it, thankfully!

We spent a final night in Portsmouth, before returning to Bolton on Thursday!

The photos we (by which I mean I) took can be found here.


Oh, as an added bonus, Trains actually ran like clockwork, with the exception of our last leg from Stockport to Bolton, which was 10 minutes late into Bolton. Trust Northern to not make it perfect (although I still prefer them to their predecessors First North Western – but that’s another story!). Plus 1hr 59mins from London Euston to Stockport was impressive!

September 02, 2006

I'm losing my mind, I swear…

Writing about web page

I’ve done way better than this in the past, but still above average….

Test the nation

I did do it with the TV on though!

August 30, 2006

Leeds Festival

I've just had an awesome Saturday at the Leeds festival, and now that all my videos and photos are uploaded, I'll tell you all about it….

Well, when we got there, and after a little exploration we went to watch the Long Blondes in the NME/Radio 1 tent, who were OK. Then went over to the Comedy tent to see Andrew Bird, Jon Richardson and the simply excellent Lloyd Langford. Then we went to catch The Subways' set on the main stage, which I liked quite alot, despite never having heard them before.

The rest of the day was spent at or near the main stage. Fall Out Boy were OK, I suddenly became a fan of Belle & Sebastian, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were OK, then came the big guns (the two I'd actually paid to see more than any of the others).

The Kaiser Chiefs were simply incredible (and we got the additional surprise of them being introduced by Peter Kay. This is a clip of the opening to 'Na Na Na Na Naa':

Then came Franz Ferdinand who were awesome (although in my opinion, the KCs just tipped them for first place in the excellence stakes), and I managed to get a full video of 'Do You Want To':

All in all, a pretty good day! Then came getting home, which was surprisingly painless, but getting back into Bolton at 4am on Sunday morning (including a bus–load of drunk people from Manchester!)

All the pictures from it are here.

July 31, 2006

I'm flattered, but spoken for….

So, in a rare day off today, I went for a trip out with my Dad on the train. On the outward journey, we got on and sat at a table, without realising there was already a guy sat there who, presumably, had gone to the loo or something. Anyway, he returns, then sits in the seat next to me, with my Dad opposite myself. No problem with that, but there is a problem with the way he is sitting. He insists on sitting with his legs wide open, cramming my legs into a tiny little space (already shared with my Dad's legs), as my lovely diagram indicates:


So our knees are in contact, which I can just about tolerate. However, about ten minutes into the journey, I realise something. He is gently raising and lowering his left leg so that it is rubbing against my leg. Now, I'm not saying he was trying to 'get me on his side', shall we say, but I started to feel a little uncomfortable, as any straight person should. And, no, I didn't get turned on! After about 5 minutes he stops doing it however, then initiates a conversation with me and my Dad about computer systems. Then, somewhat unfortunately, we reach his station while he is in full flow.

Oh well, at least it's another life experience under my belt!

July 26, 2006

It ain't so bad after all!

Regular readers of this blog should know by now that I've not exactly been overly enthusiastic about working at Tesco over the last few weeks. Well, that seems to have all changed this week for some reason, as I've actually rather enjoyed the last few days I've worked there (despite one of them being a split shift). It's the first time I've ever done 'daytime' stock control (as opposed to doing it in the evening), and I was expecting the time to drag on and on, and for me to be messing up my counts all the time. But that hasn't happened, and my co–worker seems, surprisingly, to be praising me for actually doing a good job. I'm strangely passionate about it all too, having just about got on top of the juice mismatches (apart from the Del Monte juice which keeps seemingly disappearing and reappearing, thus confusing me). And the time has actually flown by (6 hours today just didn't seem like 6 hours at all!).

Anyway, I've now done 7 of my 11 straight days working, so there's light at the end of the tunnel finally! I'm so looking forward to Monday off anyway. And maybe Tuesday and Wednesday too, provided my boss doesn't ask me to do any more overtime, which he shouldn't due to the 3 people who are off this week returning.

In other news…... well, there is no other news, as I've spent most of the last week at Tesco!

See you later!

July 22, 2006

And now I've seen everything…

So, I'm in Tesco today, and I'm walking past the CDs enroute to the Fresh Food area, and I pass a mother and her young daughter (I guess about 6 years old or so). Anyway, the mother is buying her daughter the new McFly album/single/whatever, and, as the mother hands the case to her daughter, the daughter goes and kisses the case.

My, she really does like McFly!

July 16, 2006

Last Week

To be honest, not much of interest really happened. On Tuesday, I went out with my ex–school friends to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (despite normaly steering clear of films that have Johnny Depp and/or Orlando Bloom in them), and went to Nandos for the first time (which is pretty much a posher version of KFC).

Then yesterday took a trip out with my parents to a place called Hest Bank (by the sea just north of Lancaster), then on to Kendal for a little shopping.

That's about it really!

I'm working this afternoon, got 3 days off, then I'm doing 11 days straight all in name of Tesco. Two people are on holiday, and my boss's solution is to ask me to cover everything, which I've agreed to do, although I'm going to see if someone else can do one day in the middle just to break it up a bit. Failing that, I may just have a nervous breakdown instead.

They daren't say I'm not committed, at least!

July 07, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield

Wow, the Chilis were simply incredible last night. I was blown away by them, particularly as it was the first time I've seen them. They opened with Can't Stop, followed by Dani California, which were both incredible. Some of the other highlights were Californication, Otherside, Scar Tissue, Snow (Hey Oh) and Parallel Universe. They closed their main set with By The Way, which was brilliant and the crowd went crazy during it.

Then they returned for the encore with Under The Bridge (great for singing along), and finished with Give It Away.

In a word. Fantastic!!!!!! And I liked the support acts too!

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