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September 28, 2006

New Warwick Comedy Society Website

OK, I’ll level with you – the only reason this entry exists is to provide a shameless plug for the new Warwick University Comedy Society website.

That’s all, but if you’ve read this, you might as well have a look anyway – I would if I were you….

September 23, 2006

Summer's Gone

What? Three months up already?! Apparently so…

Well, it’s off back to Cov tomorrow with the remainder of my stuff. To be honest, I’m kind of glad to be going back, as being at home, while having all the benefits of having washing, ironing etc done for me, it’s kind of all gone a little boring, and I’ll be glad to get back to some work again, and to see everyone at uni.

One big thing that’ll I’ll miss back at uni, however, is Janet, our domestic assistant from Claycroft. I don’t think we could have had a better one than we did, and it’s gonna be such a huge change to have to do everything OURSELVES now! I suppose I should learn to lift a finger from time to time though!

Oh, and this time, we’ve got my Xbox and my Dreamcast in the house. As I haven’t played on the latter for aeons, I doubt my housemates’ll be able to prise me away from the TV….

September 16, 2006

5 hours in Spain!

I’ve just returned from a rather nice mini-cruise of P&O’s M.V. Pride of Bilbao ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao in back.

After travelling down on the train last Saturday, we spent Sunday visiting the lovely Gunwharf Quays outlet centre on the Portsmouth waterfront, taking in a boat tour of the harbour while we were there. That took in the Naval Base (where my Dad was stationed when he was in the Navy), which is absolutely massive, and we saw plenty of warships while we were there, and the marinas at Gosport. I was surpised how busy the whole port area is, with multiple cross-Channel and Isle of Wight ferry services, naval activity and private yauchts all using the harbour area.

Anyway, that night we set sail and enjoyed the ships facilities during the crossing. The restaurants on board were nice, and we watched the Da Vinci code in the on-board cinema (which my Mum mangaged to fall asleep in – until I nudged her!). During the daylight hours on the ‘day at sea’, I took on some wildlife spotting on the deck, and I saw the top of a fin whale, which was quite a sight!

We arrived in Bilbao early on Tuesday morning, and, as we only have 5 hours in port, 4 tours were laid on for the mini-cruise passengers. We chose the ‘Old and New Bilbao’ tour which encompassed a brief coach tour of the new part of the city, followed by a walking tour of the old town – which was interesting. Then, after the complimentary coffee and cake in a cafe, it was off back to the port and the homeward leg – my briefest visit to Spain ever!

On the return, I saw more wildlife in the Bay of Biscay, with the sighting of 2 more wales, as they surfaced to breathe, and the spray from their blow-holes was breathtaking.

Our arrival back into Pompey had the added excitement of a Police escort, which we were later told was due to some sort of security alert or something, but in the end nothing came of it, thankfully!

We spent a final night in Portsmouth, before returning to Bolton on Thursday!

The photos we (by which I mean I) took can be found here.


Oh, as an added bonus, Trains actually ran like clockwork, with the exception of our last leg from Stockport to Bolton, which was 10 minutes late into Bolton. Trust Northern to not make it perfect (although I still prefer them to their predecessors First North Western – but that’s another story!). Plus 1hr 59mins from London Euston to Stockport was impressive!

September 15, 2006

Unibus 06/07

Writing about web page

The new U1 timetable is now available from Stagecoach’s website, and, after some studying, there seems to be something of a drop in the level of service since last year.

The first thing seems to be that the core daytime service between Sydenham, Leamington and the University has dropped to operate every 15 minutes from every 12 minutes, plus the roughly hourly extra ‘short’ service between Leamington and the Uni. So, on the U1, there are now only 5 buses an hour between Uni and Leam (and only 4 to South Leam). However, there does seem to be a more intensive service before around 1100 (with 10 buses arriving at Uni 0900-1000 for example). Also, the Saturday service has dropped to every 30 minutes from every 20 minutes which I find surprising as the buses always seemed fairly well loaded on Saturdays, particularly with campus residents on shopping trips. Evening and Sunday services seem little, if at all, changed.

So, in summary:

Good Changes

More buses to Uni for morning lectures

Not-so good changes

Reduced Mon-Sat daytime service

Reading the blogs, there seems to have been some annoyance at morning buses passing stops full – so Stagecoach seem to be reacting to this by introducing extra journeys at peak times.

Oh well, at least I’ll be living in Earlsdon and avoiding all this – let’s just hope Travel Coventry don’t mess up the 12!

September 09, 2006

A kind of Facebook victory! (but not entirely)

Writing about web page

Check your facebook homepage now for a message from Mark Zuckerberg!

September 07, 2006

New Facebook

By far the best thing about this new look to Facebook is the fact that my news feed tells me that 5 people are going to a party I’m not invited to.

Oh I feel so much better now I know that!

September 06, 2006


I now have a whole different perspective on the name of this house just around the corner from me (well, two corners to be exact) ever since I started uni….


September 02, 2006

I'm losing my mind, I swear…

Writing about web page

I’ve done way better than this in the past, but still above average….

Test the nation

I did do it with the TV on though!

September 01, 2006

So where did August go exactly?

We just seem to have had 31 days of fairly mediocre weather (not a single scorcher), which have just flown by in some kind of blur.

It’s ridiculous that we’re now in September, and it’ll soon be back to good old University and the next year of Mathematics…

Time flies when you work at Tesco too much!

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